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Tips for troubleshooting your technical referencing

There are many articles filled with checklists that tell you what SEO technical elements you should look into on your website. That's and not one of those lists. What I think people need is not another guide to best practices, but help in solving problems.

info: research operator

Often, [info:] can help you diagnose a variety of problems. This command will let you know if a page is indexed and how it is indexed. Sometimes Google chooses to group pages in their index and treat two or more duplicates as the same page. This command shows you the canonical version – not necessarily the one specified by the canonical tag, but rather what Google sees as the version to index.

If you search your page with this operator and you see another page, then you will see the ranking of the other URL instead of it in the results – Google did not want two pages of the same page. (Even the cached version displayed is the other URL!) If you make exact duplicates between country language pairs in hreflang tags, for example, pages can be grouped into one version and display the wrong page for the affected locations.

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