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To Deliver Connected Experiences, Xerox CMO Continually Evaluates Brand Marketing Tools

After being part of the Xerox team for four years, Toni Clayton-Hine was appointed marketing director of the company in January of this year. In her role as a leader in the brand's marketing strategy, Clayton-Hine says she aims to create connected experiences at all levels for her audience.

"We're looking to create a connected experience that says we're going to help you communicate, connect and work better, which means we proactively provide you with information about managing your environment," he says. Clayton-Hine.

To develop and implement this connected experience strategy, his teams are divided into different functions.

"We have a group of people who focus on global events and sponsorships – we call them experiential marketing," explains Clayton-Hine. "We have people who focus on digital marketing – so everything has to do with and all of our owned and won properties, and then we have a group of people who focus on the paid media."

The OCM states that Xerox divides its paid media into brand elements and offer elements. Xerox value offers focus on initiatives that lead to a proposal.

" I want a brand new fleet of printers I want a new workflow I want managed document management solutions – those that lead to a proposal," says Clayton- Hine. "And then what we call our volume offers, which are the products that lead to a basket: I want a printer on my desk; I want supplies, etcetera. "

She says that the Xerox Marketing Group also has a team that focuses on the audience, including small and medium businesses and business organizations, and then field marketing.

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"Field marketing teams run these various programs and initiatives that we have put on the market."

Today, the CMO gives more information on how it aims to create connected experiences, and the stack of marketing technologies that it uses to drive the strategy.

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