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To make children grow up safely

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Most parents have been there at one time or another. The toy or favorite stuffed animal of your child – something they can not be separated from – and as you browse reviews online, you discover that the toy is poisonous. Suddenly, the favorite toy must be removed!

The need for protection for our children has never been as intense as with the booming market of babies and children. A lot of articles are regularly put on the online shopping networks and are then pumped by fake reviews from paid advertisers. The reality of the product though, is that it will eventually be discovered to be toxic.

A good illustration of this is the toy "Sophie the Giraffe". The toy was designed for toddlers who do their teeth, but it was discovered that the mold was growing inside the toy. Despite these discoveries, the toy remained incredibly successful and the company that manufactured it maintained high sales. By using their vast resources, it would be very easy for the manufacturer to avoid the scandal by paying for criticism.

Blockchain for Change

Within the education and childcare market, a new Blockchain platform of a group of family entrepreneurs called FamilyPoints promises to provide real information for parents and children by accessing the "crowd". On the platform, parents, manufacturers and educators have provided an opportunity for real honest reviews about products and services.

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Also, because parents share reviews and use product discounts through the trusted platform, they receive rewards and can use these rewards for additional discounts and services. The products avoid the huge margins associated with the industry while maintaining their high quality standards. The services on the platform include excellent educational content for parents and children as well as consultations with parenting experts.

The Digital Ecosystem is designed to allow parents and educators to share wisdom opinions and products on the Blockchain's registry, which keeps everything immutable. With this trust-based approach, the platform is able to provide parents with real information that is untouchable by illegitimate data. In other words, knowledge of data and products is really honest – something that is almost impossible to achieve on traditional product sites.

Paid experience

The group that created the FamilyPoints platform is well educated to provide excellent information on children's products and education. The experienced group has already created one of the most successful content for parent education on the Internet called Babystep. Babystep has built the world's largest video library of important and excellent parenting information with over 1,150 videos in 8 different languages.

In addition, Babystep has already won the G-Startup Award, at the biggest startup competition in China, and has already launched the mobile video platform. The Babystep platform has already generated 15 million organic monthly views and has an established subscriber base of 1.5 million in 2017.

Welcome to the sale of chips

The success that Babystep has already generated shows that the FamilyPoints platform is in good hands. The company has already put in place the necessary support to launch its symbolic sale in order to finance the creation of the platform and to generate the internal cryptocurrency that will be used on the platform by the subscribers.

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The token, called FamilyPoints Tokens (FPT) will be generated at a single symbolic sale for subscribers. Tokens will be used for exams, purchases, advertising and more within the ecosystem. The pre-sale will begin on December 1st, with the public sale taking place on December 10th and ending on December 31st. First time buyers will receive bonuses.

With the new platform in place, parents will have important new information at their fingertips and will no longer have to disappoint their children with falsely reviewed products.