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Tokenbox Crowdsale Launches Towards Creating a Platform for Cryptofunds and Investors

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Sale of Tokenbox tokens, A highly anticipated cryptographic project from the creators The Token Fund Take off on November 14 at 12 UTC.

Tokenbox is a platform bringing together traders, investors and funds, providing crypto-business players with tailored solutions to create and manage a token fund with maximum transparency and security.

In the first 24 hours, $ 1.38 million was raised.

With the people and funds that have joined the presale, hundreds of users around the world have participated in the official launch of the symbolic sale. The geographic area of ​​those who bought TBX tokens is quite large.

The number of chips is limited to 31 million, each chip being sold for $ 1 at the crowdsale. Those who did it in the first three hours received a 20% bonus from the Tokenbox team. However, other offers are still available:

15% bonus: from 15:00 UTC from 14th November to 15:00 UTC on 17th November;

10% bonus: from 15:00 UTC of November 17 at 15:00 UTC on November 20

5% bonus: from 15:00 UTC from 20 November to 15:00 UTC 23 November.

As the team has indicated previously, in case of reaching a ceiling of $ 20 million, the first 10 funds to be registered on the platform Tokenbox form will receive a $ 6 million managed funding from the Tokenbox team. The amount of investor funds available for the token generation waiver is limited to $ 20 million only.

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Funds raised would cover software development and legal fees, part of which is for reinvestment and for the team.

Tokenbox co-founder Vladimir Smerkis: "Given the current situation of the OIC market, we are very satisfied with the initial results of our crowdsale." We are well aware of the fact that the self "ICO ninja" with a rigid cap raised in one hour only, is more relevant.Hype – is the dark side.A speculative capital also belongs to him, it does not make a product more valuable. satisfied with the progress of our sale, because it is important for us to attract qualified and professional investors, really interested in our product.So, our investors are exactly like that. "

Viktor Shpakovsky, co-founder of Tokenbox: "The Crowdsale procedure is essential because it makes it possible to assess the actual demand for this type of product. Through massive marketing action, we not only receive the money from our investors, but also a lot of requests from future users of our platform. This proves our confidence that the Tokenbox platform is relevant. "

Tokenbox had already received a "VERY HIGH" hype score and a high quality "Stable +" rating by the ICOrating agency http: / / icorating .com / project / 581 / Tokenbox . The best cryptomarket analysts recommend buying TBX tokens for long-term portfolios.