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Tom Peterffy estimates that bitcoin could skid to $ 100K before crashing

The Great Wall Street Divide on the question of whether Bitcoin is a miracle or a continuous bubble of grow, the founder of Interactive Brokerage, Tom Peterffy, a bubble. The trader / investor said that soaring prices could continue, even up to $ 100,000 or more, before prices collapse.

Peterffy's warning included comments that Bitcoin futures trading might well be catastrophic for the entire financial market, with smaller brokerage houses on cryptocurrency and then go bankrupt. It limits its own traders to long positions at $ 5 per contract (as opposed to $ 0.80) to protect the brokerage. He expressed his amazement by saying:

"I am extremely curious, it's an amazing thing, as people are idiots, it's just amazing."

Opposing Positions

Other traders and economists have issued opposite perspectives. Max Keizer recently expressed his belief that cryptocurrency would reach $ 100,000 but would remain stable at these high points due to fundamentals. Others, like Tom Lee, founder of Fundstrat, also expressed the belief that the market would continue to rise too.

Obviously, with the launch of futures trading on Sunday, Dec. 10, the world is about to have a glimpse of The Future of Bitcoin. If the legitimacy of Bitcoin produces fundamentally strong perceptions of value, leads to a massive bubble or accidents quickly may soon be decided once these futures markets open.