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Tombola: A Relaiable Lottery Platform

tombola lottery platform

Social gaming or lotteries has a venerable, ancient, and to some extent volatile history. The term “lottery” was derived from the Italian “lotto” which means destiny or fate. How to partake in a reliable and transparent lottery is the worldwide desire of thousands of people, however, in the English world, the lottery games are known as “lotto games.”

Biblically, there are many places where lots were drawn to award ownership to a person, for instance, in Numbers chapter 26, the land west of the River Jordan was awarded by Moses via lottery. Moreover, in the New Testament, the Roman soldiers to determine who would get the cloak of Jesus after the crucifixion drew lots. Having known the exposure of lottery, many problems are grooving with the system that creates doubt in the heart of people when they hear the word lotto.

The crypto market is rapidly progressing, and social gaming platforms should not be behind the scheme. More so, an investor must take advantage of the market by trading to gain reasonable profits. The blockchain technology has revolutionized the financial system of the economy and with the advent of Litecoin, Ethereum and other altcoins, and how people transact have changed.

When it comes to lotteries, to win is the dream of everyone, and it is getting more difficult to find a fast, transparent, and reliable lotto system. We are glad to introduce you to the lottery platorm that is ready to steal the thunder of the show, we are thrilled to introduce Tombola to you.

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Tombola is a reliable lottery platform that is built on the blockchain technology. Users can purchase tickets through virtual currency and proceed with the game, and the prizes are automatically distributed according to the winnings. One will be able to freely use the value obtained through purchase or winning by using various game services and distribution system, which provides users with an opportunity to increase their value.

Tombola plans to build coins and serve platforms based on EOS to solve the problems of existing block chain lottery and game services. Based on EOS blockchain Smart Contractor system, when the terms of the contract are met, it is designed to automatically send the amount of money at the correct time to the appropriate location. EOS has the advantage of being able to handle millions of projects per second and not having to pay for the Gas Fee the user has to use most often. Thus, users can eliminate the burden of double payment of fees and receive rewards quickly. Tombola 6/45 The traditional lottery game Tombola 6/45 is a jackpot winning game if the six numbers on a ticket match the numbers drawn by the lottery out of a total of 45 numbers. Details of the game are as follows:

  • Ticket price: 10 TBL
  • Draw intervals: 25 hrs
  • Distribution of Game Revenue


Probability of winning Distribution


1 / 8,145,060 Except the payout for winning numbers of 3 and 4, 70% of the amount is distributed



1 / 35,724

Except the payout for winning numbers of 3 and 4, 30% of the amount is distributed
4 1 / 733 250 TBL
3 1 / 45 25 TBL



This project plans to distribute the collected funds in each lottery as shown in the table below. Prizes are automatically carried over to the next company in the event of a non payment in a given distribution plan and the other amount will continue to be distributed regardless of the winning situation.

Scale Distribution
60% Prizes
20% Operating


10% Dividends
5% Fees
5% Charities


  • Prizes: Prizes are awarded according to the winner’s assigned amount.
  • Operating expenses: Marketing costs, strategic partnershipcosts, licensing costs, legal settlement costs, Lotto/Black andWhite Bank
  • Dividends: Tombolacoindividends
  • Fees: labor and various maintenance costs
  • Charities: Donation to charities.


As of the 25th of every month at 10:00 am (Greenwich Time), 10% ofeach Tombola profit is accumulated for one month and paid in a lump sum to the people who own the coins according to the share of the coins owned by each person against the total coins.



The basic structure was set up aiming at maintaining and raising the value of Tombola through active circulation of Tombola coins. In order to use the service of Tombola, coins should be used, and the used coins are collected to the funds and distributed regularly to proper places, so the coins will circulate smoothly.


The Tombola private sale is carried out throughout the ICO and minimum participation is possible from 50 ETH.


The pre-SALE of Tombola is divided into a private round for high-endbuyers and a public round for general buyers; the minimum purchase price for Private SALE is Ethereum 10 ETH, and Public SALE sets the minimum purchase amount to 0.1 ETH. The sales amount of TBL is 1 ETH = 10000 TBL.


Tombola ICO will have only one round of public sale phase and investors will be able to purchase TBL token using Ethereum with minimum purchase pegged at 0.1 ETH. As with Pre sale, the sales price of TBL during the main sale is also set at 1 ETH = 10000 TBL.

Check their channels to learn more about Tombola.