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Top 10 Messaging Apps for Small Business Owners Using the iPhone

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Smartphones have undeniably become an essential tool for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs. One of the main reasons why busy professionals are glued to their smartphones is to check their emails. In fact, such is the obsession to check emails on mobile devices as 80% of smartphone users are watching their phones before brushing their teeth!

Messaging apps make life easier for business owners and entrepreneurs who live and breathe emails. Although there are several different platforms and phones, you will find in this list the top 10 email applications for iPhone.


The Google app is a must have app if your business uses Google services. By searching for mail faster and by first viewing important emails, you can manage Gmail more efficiently with the Google application. In addition, if you have sent an email that you did not intend to send, you can cancel the mailing to avoid embarrassing mistakes and maintain the professional image of your business during your travels. The Google app can be downloaded for free on the iPhone from the App Store.


Astro is a messaging and calendaring application controlled by an AI assistant. You can ask questions to the Astro Assistant who answers hundreds of orders, such as searching for a specific email in your inbox, setting reminders, adding email to your inbox. Events, etc. Important business emails are grouped into a targeted inbox. For companies that use Slack, Astro allows you to integrate Slack to send and share Slack messages. Astro can be downloaded from the App Store.

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Airmail was originally designed for Mac but is now available for iPhone and iPad. The application places workflow customization at the heart of the feature, with features such as full inbox synchronization, interactive push notifications, and repeat functionality. Take your email with you by downloading Airmail to your iOS device from the App Store.

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Spark automatically groups your emails to help you determine notifications, personal messages, newsletters and more, at a glance. With the Swipe app, you can enjoy quick and fast answers, slippery actions, and fast search results, which means you spend less time managing your inbox and more time in your inbox. manage your business. Drag also has calendar integration, so you can schedule and configure events from emails. Spark can be downloaded from the App Store.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a popular email application for iOS users. With a targeted inbox, you can check emails from contacts you interact with frequently without having to sift through the hordes of less important emails, which are categorized in the "other" inbox. The app also comes with a calendar, allowing you to share the availability of your meeting with a simple tap. File sharing is also easier because you can attach any file from your email, Dropbox, OneDrive and more, from your iPhone. Go to the App Store for the Microsoft Outlook application.


By applying hashtags as tags to messages, Inky helps you organize your emails and find important messages quickly and without fuss. The email application also allows you to reply to emails with one click. With email encryption, Inky encrypts and digitally signs e-mails by default, making the e-mail experience more efficient. Download Inky for iOS on the App Store.

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Zero makes managing emails fast, easy and convenient. Adopting a Tinder philosophy, just swipe left to delete emails and keep them. The e-mail application sorts newsletters and other bots from emails sent by real people, giving priority to those sent by people. You can also customize your emails based on your company's brand because Zero comes with a multitude of e-mail templates, to which you can add your own. With a Zero AI wizard that suggests actions, the productivity of your company's e-mail is significantly improved with Zero. Download Zero for free on iOS devices from the App Store.


Unlike other email applications, Newton is not free but is based on a subscription, which costs $ 50 a year. The application works with other email services, including Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, iCloud and more. Newton is designed to increase the productivity of business emails through read receipts, queuing, sending future features, among others. Download Newton on your iPhone from the App Store.

Edison Mail

Edison Mail is extremely fast and easy to set up, which means you do not have to waste precious time configuring emails on your iPhone. The application supports major email accounts, including Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, Hotmail and more. You can manage your subscriptions and unsubscribe from junk mail with Edison Mail. You can also set alerts for some senders, mute others with the Edison Notification Manager feature. Download this feature-rich email application on the App Store.

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Hailed as "first aid by email", Triage is designed to clean the clutter of emails and simplify the entire email experience of a smartphone. With Sorting, you can swipe up to archive a message or to keep an e-mail in your inbox. Just tap an important email to answer it without delay. Triage supports iCloud, Yahoo, Gmail and most email services with IMAP. Download Sorting on your iPhone from the App Store.

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