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Top 10 Online Ordering Systems for Small Restaurants

As the demand for online orders is increasing among restaurant consumers, independent restaurants also need to find solutions that allow customers to browse their menus, select options and pay for their online delivery or delivery orders. There are several restaurant ordering systems available that basically allow you to enter your menu information to create a simple ordering platform that you can include on your own website or mobile application. Here are some of the best restaurant ordering system options to consider.

Restaurant Control System Options


This option is best for restaurants that want to create a brand order experience on their website. To use it, you send your menu, photos and other information directly to MenuDrive and they will build an interactive online menu for you. You can choose from several different payment platforms and connect it to your point-of-sale system or email to track orders. The annual plan starts at $ 90 a month.

Toast POS

Toast offers a popular point-of-sale system for restaurants that also includes an online ordering system. This option is best for restaurants that already use Toast POS. The entire system aims to work together to help restaurants manage all their operations in one system, including online ordering reports and delivery systems. The price starts at $ 140 a month.


This online ordering system and application is designed to work in all formats that your customers are likely to use. You can set it up so people can place orders on your website, Facebook page, and mobile app. So, if your restaurant's customers are particularly likely to use their mobile devices or social media to place orders, ChowNow could be an option to consider. The annual plan starts at $ 119 a month, plus the credit card processing fee.

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Upserve is a full-service restaurant management system that also includes options for bars, wineries, cafes, bakeries and more. The company's online ordering system is designed to work with its point-of-sale system, payment service and mobile application. For small restaurants, prices start at $ 99 a month.

Square Point of Sale

The Square Restaurant POS solution offers a face-to-face and restaurant ordering system. So, basically, all orders arrive at the same place so you can manage them simultaneously. This can be a positive feature for restaurants that make a good mix of carryout and dinner-in business. However, the company charges a transaction fee rather than a higher monthly fee, which may not be as profitable for restaurants whose monthly sales are quite high.


Restolabs offers an online ordering system for restaurants that is packed with potentially useful features, including ordering on Facebook, multilingual support, and real-time analytics. It's a pretty basic interface that allows you to enter your menu and then copy and paste a widget directly to your site. The basic package starts at $ 45 a month.


NetWaiter is an online restaurant marketing platform that includes integrated online ordering. You can use it to create your own personalized mobile app as well as a command widget for your website. The monthly plan that includes the online order starts at $ 100 a month.

CAKE point of sale

From Sysco, CAKE is a full-service point-of-sale and management system that includes online ordering. The cloud-based system allows you to accept orders online and manage them at the same time as in-person orders on the same platform. It includes transaction fees, which may be a good option for small restaurants that are just starting out. But the costs will increase as you earn money.

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iMenu360 is an online ordering platform that allows you to create a custom interactive menu to include on your own website. It is also made to integrate with different point-of-sale systems. The fees include one-time setup fees of $ 299 plus $ 39.99 per month and a small percentage of monthly sales not exceeding $ 150.


GloriaFood is a free online ordering platform that you can use to take orders on your website or Facebook page. The service also includes the mobile order and a table reservation widget. Advanced features, such as credit card payments, are also available with paid packages.

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