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Top Stories: SBA Celebrates Small Business Week for Veterans, Shopify Introduces New Feature

Military veterans already have many leadership and organizational skills to own small businesses. Recently, the Small Business Administration acknowledged this fact by observing Small Business Week for Veterans. Learn more about what the federal government has to offer to seasoned entrepreneurs and learn more about a new feature of the Shopify eCommerce platform and other important news about small businesses in the newsletter. from this week.

The most beautiful stories

Veterans Small Business Week celebrates the economic contribution of the military

Military veterans put their lives in danger to protect their country. And when they retire from active duty, many American vets decide to take another significant risk. They go into business for themselves. In fact, there are 2.5 million small businesses owned by veterans across the country. This week, from October 30 to November 3, the United States

Shopify wants to help small businesses make showrooms on their e-commerce sites

Shopify Electronic Trading Company (NYSE: SHOP) launches a new "Buy Online for Shopify POS" feature, allowing consumers to register a purchase in person. This new feature allows retailers using Shopify POS to offer buyers in person the opportunity to buy a product online later, once they have tried it in your store.


Good people pay a good salary as a way to retain their best talents

As a small business owner, paying big salaries to retain talent is not always an option for you. Fortunately, this is not the only way that you can make sure that high performing players stay longer.

Employment and wage growth of small firms are slow, according to an employment monitoring report

The Paychex | IHS Markit Small Business Employment Watch reported a slowdown with an employment growth index of 99.89 for October. Wage growth also slowed slightly with national hourly earnings at $ 26.07. Yet the last three months have been the most stable in the history of the small business index.

Marketing Tips

What Your Small Business Can Learn from the 50 Most Engaged Brands

Amazon is the most engaged company with customers, according to a recent report. And small businesses can potentially draw important lessons from the distribution giant and other big names that focus on customer engagement. Forbes Insights has partnered with Pega to compile the list of the 50 most engaged companies, which also includes Alphabet Inc., the parent company of Google.

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The tendency of one-stop shops in the marketing of influence

Managing marketing campaigns of influence should not be complicated. In fact, a new trend of one-stop shops for marketing influence could make the process much easier for brands. Small Business Trends has been meeting with Neil Henderson and Marco Pimentel of the Assembly at the recent Influencer Marketing Days conference held in Times Square, New York.

The Power of Influence Marketing in E-commerce

If you have an ecommerce business, you may want to consider using marketing influence to increase brand awareness and advocacy. In fact, experts believe that marketing influence is the next big trend in the e-commerce marketing space.

The key to successful influence marketing targets the right audience

So you created an influence marketing campaign. You have found an influencer with tons of followers. You have designed the perfect message. You have gained a lot of impressions. But you have not noticed real results for your brand. So what went wrong? In many cases, the answer is that the brand has not targeted the right audience.

The importance of relations between influencers and brands

Brands that neglect the human element of marketing influence miss the point. This is not a simple product placement. It's about real relationships. Small Business Trends had the opportunity to speak with Joe Gagliese of Viral Nation at the recent Influencer Marketing Days conference at Times Square in New York.

Infusionsoft Targets Small Businesses with New Landing Pages

Infusionsoft has launched a new product designed to allow users to quickly and efficiently create striking and mobile landing pages. Infusionsoft says its new landing pages are attractive and can be customized to help businesses capture new leads. The pages are accompanied by a gallery of easy-to-use templates and are free to use, according to the company.

Small advertising projector

Spotlight: Bonusly offers a new way for businesses to reward employees

Rewarding employees can be a great way to keep your entire team engaged and happy at work. But if there was a better way to distribute these rewards? That's exactly what Bonusly intends to provide. The company has created a system that allows team members to recognize the great work of their colleagues.

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Small Business Operations

5 things your small business should do now to prepare for a winter disaster

As the famous slogan of the famous HBO series "Game of Thrones" warns: "The winter is coming". The first snow has already fallen in the Midwest and predictions suggest winter storms are heavier than usual this year. parts of the country.

Week before Thanksgiving a nightmare trip for business flights

If you have to squeeze in a last-minute flight for your small business, you'll want to avoid the week before Thanksgiving. In a new study from Concur, the busiest days for business trips will be on Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16 November.

Social Networks

Facebook Market Improvements Can Benefit Used Car Dealers

Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) Since last October, the market has facilitated the discovery, purchase and sale of a variety of local items, that it is doing well. of household items, electronic devices or clothing. Now Facebook is adding more options specifically for used car dealers in the United States to connect with local shoppers.

Business users, Twitter may be wrong calculate your reach

Twitter released its third quarter earnings report on Thursday and revealed that it had miscalculated the number of users it had by the millions. For example, the total monthly active users in the second quarter was about 326 million, not 328 million as reported originally.


40 percent of small business owners believe lowering taxes should be top priority

When Republicans in the House of Representatives today release their version of a tax reduction bill or tax reform, small business owners nationwide will monitor closely. According to new data from Paychex (NASDAQ: PAYX), 41 percent of all recently surveyed small business owners say that tax reform should be the top priority of President Donald Trump's administration.

Technological Trends

Robocalls App and Nomorobo Block Robocalls Targeting Small Businesses

How many 2.4 billion robocalls made in the United States each month do you get all day long? If you are busy managing your small business, one call is a call too. But there is of course a more sinister side of robotic calls that threaten small businesses.

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ADP launches Instant Tips to manage tips for small businesses

ADP (NASDAQ: ADP) and Gratuity Solutions have just announced a new payment platform for service companies that need a simpler way to handle tips. The solution, called Instant TIPS, combines the functionality of the existing ADP payment card offering with the Gratuity Solutions integrations of leading POS systems.

Samsung's new Galaxy Tab tablet provides functionality and portability for small businesses

Samsung Electronics (KRX: 005930) introduced this week its new Android tablet, the Galaxy Tab A, which seems to take on Amazon's cheap tablets like Amazon Fire. If you are looking for an inexpensive tablet that offers improved performance and ease of daily use, the Galaxy Tab A could be it.

ZTE Axon M Offers Small Business Owners a Mobile Option – With Two Screens

For small businesses looking to do more outside the office, the new ZTE Axon M could be a crucial innovation. It comes with two 5.2-inch screens. When it is fully open, the device turns into a small tablet. This phone can save you from working on a small screen by taking advantage of both screens.

The 16-inch AOC Portable Monitor Offers Options for Small Business Owners on the Move

If you're looking for a slim, lightweight, easy-to-use and affordable portable external monitor, the new i1601fwux AOC meets all these requirements. With people working out of the office just as they do, portability is an important quality even for an external monitor.

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