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Topicbox says that it is the slack of the group Email

Small business teams who have trouble keeping track of all internal e-mail communications involved in day-to-day operations may be happy to discover a new tool that aims to reduce these e-mails.

Toolbox Group Chat Discussion Tool

Topicbox is for teams that use a lot of group email channels, but want a better way to organize these channels. FastMail Email Hosting Service is the company behind Topicbox.

Helen Horstmann-Allen, COO of FastMail, said in an e-mail interview with Small Business Trends: "Instead of CCing a list of people (which has its own list of headaches!), Topicbox gives to each team, project, client or event group email address. All members of the group can choose their own preferences for receiving or receiving messages sent to the group – immediately, as part of a weekly summary, or simply archive them on the web to browse or perform a further research. Individual shippers do not have to make sure that all the right people see their messages. "

Of course, there are already many other options for team communication outside of email, including applications like Slack and Basecamp. But the Topicbox group's email discussion tool stands out because users can still access all the features of the tool directly in their email accounts, rather than having to s & # 39; Register for another platform. This can be especially useful for teams that already use a lot of email for external communications or those that have teams around the world that can not really benefit from the real-time features of these communication applications.

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This was the case for the FastMail team. Horstmann-Allen says, "Because our team is located in Australia and the United States, we know how much key information can be easily lost in the chat. And because so many people in the staff are programmers, they tell us all the time about the cost of distractions to their productivity. Topicbox has been a chance for us to shake our own itch, and support the many organizations for which email is already a critical part of their workflow, but they wish there to be a better way. "

The FastMail team launched Topicbox this year after doing a lot of its own testing internally. And now, it is available for everyone to use. You can register online and start with a free trial of a month. Then there is $ 10 per month for up to ten users, and $ 3 for each additional user above that.

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