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TourRadar, OTA for the holidays, earns $ 50 million in Series C with the TCV of Silicon Valley

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TourRadar, the online travel agency (OTA) that targets the multi-day travel market, continues to be launched. The company based in Vienna, Austria, which also has offices in Brisbane and Toronto, raised $ 50 million in Series C funding.

Made up primarily of primary funds, the cycle is led by venture capital growth company Silicon Valley TCV, with the participation of existing investors Cherry Ventures, Endeit Capital, Hoxton Ventures and Speedinvest. In particular, TCV has already supported Expedia and Airbnb and therefore has a very good record in travel.

Erik Blachford, a TCV partner and already an angel investor in TourRadar, joined the company's supervisory board. Mr. Blachford was previously President and CEO of IAC Travel, managing all IAC Travel assets, including Expedia and Again, a very good fit for TourRadar because it seems to be going forward.

At one call, TourRadar co-founder and CEO, Travis Pittman, who founded the company with his brother, told me that he was happy to have finally had Blachford on his tray. The pair first met at a conference a few years back, when Pittman heard the ex-CEO of Expedia rejoice at the need for it. an OTA for the industry of group travel of several days. He then approached him to say that TourRadar wanted to be that company.

Not to be confused with GetYourGuide, which focuses more on travel experiences that take up part or all of a single day, TourRadar is a place to book a multi-day tour in the same way as you could book a trip. To do this, the company works with more than 600 large and small local tour operators in Europe, Asia, the Americas, Australia and New Zealand. These include well-known operators such as G Adventures, Contiki and Collette, and hundreds of specialized operators who would otherwise rely solely on local agents and word-of-mouth. In total, TourRadar offers more than 25,000 visits to 200 countries.

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In fact, Pittman says that TourRadar's main competitor is of large tour companies, and that multi-day trips are one of the last sectors of the travel industry that do not have a business trip. has not yet been fully moved online. Another interesting point concerns the growth potential of TourRadar: up to now, the company only targets English-speaking consumers. Then on the road map, there is a lot more localization, says the CEO of TourRadar, with Germany, for example, a huge travel market.

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To this end, TourRadar intends to use the funding to grow its team globally and invest in the technology platform "to deliver a personalized user experience to customers in new source markets and existing around the world. One area of ​​interest will be the development of a suitable TourRadar mobile application – yes, really! – Pittman believes that the mobile, if neglected up here, is an excellent platform for inspiration and discovery to decide where to book your next tour.

More generally, the platform supports carrier partners in various ways, including offering instant bookings and a tour review feature, but it is possible to go much further. This could include the reintroduction of community features to allow people planning to be part of the same cohort to meet before, during and after a tour.