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TPCast Unveils Adapter to Activate Multiple HTC Vive Wireless VR Headphones

Late last year, TPCast announced an adapter that cuts HTC cords Vive. The company is back with a company version that provides 2k content to several HTC Vive units with a latency of less than 2ms.

Unveiled at the Nvidia conference GTC 2019 in San Jose, California, the product is intended for VR uses cases where multiple people share the content through different VR headsets. The company says this includes medical, automotive, real estate and training.

Just like the consumer version, the units attach to the back of the HTC Vive headphones and broadcast the wireless contents of the connected PC up to four VR headsets. At launch, only the HTC Vive is supported although the company claims to have plans to support more models by the third quarter of 2018.

The unit, called the TPCAST ​​Business Edition wireless adapter, will first be available directly from TPCast and then available in retail channels. Prices have not been announced, but it makes sense that it will cost a lot more than the $ 220 billed by the company for the mainstream version.