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TrendKite Expands Public Relations Analysis Platform Acquiring Insightpool and Union Metrics

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TrendKite makes its first two acquisitions – according to CEO Erik Huddleston, they give the company the "last two components" needed for a complete public relations analysis platform.

Up to now, the main selling point of TrendKite was the ability to view articles written about a company and measure things like the reached reach and the impact on brand awareness. the brand.

However, while this type of journalistic coverage remains important, Huddleston said, "The world is now more complicated in terms of influencing the public." It's there that Insightpool and its Database of social media influencers come into play. Find and influence influencers who can help spread the company's story.

Union Metrics, meanwhile, provides social media analytics. As Huddleston has said, "they do the same analyzes on the conversation around the story as we do around the media coverage."

With these acquisitions, he said that TrendKite can build deeper integrations with products that were already used together. In fact, he noted that the company had an existing partnership with Union Metrics, and he started thinking about Insightpool in the same context when a customer showed him how they were using TrendKite and Insightpool side by side , literally open in adjacent tabs.

The details of the integration and price of Insightpool and Union Metrics as part of the TrendKite platform have not yet been determined. In the meantime, Huddleston said TrendKite will continue to support them as stand-alone products.

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In addition, he said that the entire teams of both companies (including Insightpool CEO Devon Wijesinghe and Union Metrics CEO Hayes Davis) will join TrendKite, Insightpool giving TrendKite a presence in Atlanta.

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The financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed. According to Crunchbase, Insightpool raised $ 7.5 million from investors, including TDF Ventures and Silicon Valley Bank.