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Twitter announces changes to improve user experiences

Sometimes small changes can have a big impact. That's what Twitter is hoping for with a series of small changes to its user experience announced on its blog Wednesday.

"We have worked to change the way you discover all the information around news, events and stories, and today we share a few steps forward," said Keith Coleman, vice president of Twitter product, in blog post. "It will be easier to find and track the big events and stories that interest you in your Calendar, Notifications and Explore, and there's a new look for Moments showing everything you want to see."

Twitter said that it reacted to user feedback with the changes it brings to Explore, Search, Notifications, and Moments. Most will be deployed in the coming weeks and months.


The Twitter crawl function will be organized by subject instead of content type.


As of today, users will see news, events or related articles at the top of their search results. They can dive deeper and find more information and the latest discussion by tapping these results.


Twitter expands its "Happening now" feature, which allows sports fans to follow the tweets of a game and get the score in one place. This feature will include breaking tweets and custom news appearing at the top of a user's timeline.

Twitter also plans to add to its last-minute notifications with alerts based on the interests gleaned from your Twitter activity.


Finally, users will navigate through the moments using a vertical sweep, compared to the current horizontal sweep. The company also adds additional timelines to Moments, including, she says, "a summary timeline showing tweets that you may have missed, another posting the latest news, as well as the best comments when they are available. If there is a live video, you will see it too. You may have already noticed these changes for some sports games, but now you will start to see them for more news and events. "

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