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Twitter officially authorizes a limit of 280 characters for all accounts, including trademarks

Twitter is officially doubling the number of characters.

Less than two months after testing the maximum length of tweets at 280 characters, Twitter allows the new length for all users on Tuesday. The new maximum will apply to tweets in all languages ​​except Chinese, Japanese and Korean, where space is less problematic.

Advertisers will still not be able to enjoy the new length of ads created through Twitter's self-service platform, but they will be able to view 280 character organic tweets and stream them as than sponsored Tweets. Twitter spokesperson. Support for 280-character ads will be released on Twitter's self-service platform in the coming months, according to the spokesperson.

The reason Twitter quickly decided to officially adopt the maximum of 280 characters is that it did not make much of a difference, or at least no difference. One concern that people had about the extended duration was that it would make Twitter viewing as a layout of a Tolstoy novel. But that did not happen.

Twitter test group members allowed to tweet more than 140 characters did not do much. Of all the tweets published by the test group since Twitter started testing 280 characters in late September, 5% exceeded the standard 140 character limit and 2% exceeded 190 characters. "Therefore, the reading experience of your timeline should not change significantly, you will always see the same number of Tweets in your timeline. For reference, in the timeline, Tweets with an image or poll take usually more room than a 190-character Tweet, "wrote Aliza Rosen, Twitter product manager, in a blog post published Tuesday.

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Originally, Twitter chose to test the extended number of characters in order to alleviate people's frustration when they reached the 140-character limit and were forced to change themselves. . Some might say that retouching would be a good thing, but for Twitter, a good thing is not to turn off new users, returning to the stagnation of user growth and the removal of its decline from advertisements.

With the change, Twitter has seen that people are running in fewer cases when they are forced to edit their tweets for length. Under the 140-character limit, 9% of tweets written in English hit the ceiling. However, according to the 280-character limit, that number dropped to 1 percent, according to Twitter.

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