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Twitter Promote mode automatically increases tweets for small businesses for $ 99 per month

If you're struggling to set up a social media campaign, Twitter (NYSE: TWTR) has just introduced a solution for you in your alley.

The new Twitter Promote Mode is an "always active boost engine" that automatically boosts tweets and profiles.

By promoting tweets multiple times, the promotion mode is still attracting more followers and creating extra reach. The promotion mode feature costs a flat fee of $ 99 per month.

Twitter Promoting Fashion for Small Business

Small businesses recognize the importance of using Twitter to increase their online presence, reach and interact with customers and ultimately help sell more products or services.

However, spending a lot of time and knowing how to market properly on Twitter can be difficult for many small businesses. The Promote mode allows small businesses to run effective advertising campaigns on Twitter – with little effort.

In an official article on the launch of Promote mode, Wook Chung, director of product management at Twitter, explains how the first subscription advertising product on social networks is designed to benefit small businesses.

"Small businesses and individuals who use the Promote mode can expect their supporters and influence to increase steadily each month, provided they actively tweet. Keep the Promote mode while they focus on creating their best tweets, but if they need to pause, they can turn off the Promote and Pause all promotions mode. not on break their subscription or billing. "

The promotion mode feature is designed to be accessible on mobile devices using the Twitter application. Small businesses can easily access the Promote mode dashboard by tapping the Promote mode icon in the app.

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On the dashboard, companies will be able to better understand how the feature enhances their Twitter profile, including the number of subscribers they've acquired and the number of people who viewed their profile that month.

Business performance using the Promote mode will be influenced by various factors, such as the selection of the target market and the frequency and content of their tweets.

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