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Twitter The Trolls Take The Bitcoin Train

As the Bitcoin bull race continues unabated, social media is full of comments, news and memes.

As brave investors looking to get into the action some Twitter users use the #Bitcoin hashtag to boost their tracking and interaction.

While seeking opinions and opinions of influence on the imminent launch of future CBOE Bitcoin, a number of Twitter users shared similar messages. Promising bitcoin for retweets and follows

Some Twitter users were receiving over a thousand retweets for their ridiculous claims.

This smart user has noticed the trend – and promised not to give anything. 19459004 19459005 In 1945 I did not choose bitcoin. I drank mostly beer and did not even realize what I was not buying. For this reason, I decided to give 10 lucky people who RT this absolutely nothing.

– CervezaPicks (@CervezaPicks) December 8, 2017

Another user offered a sage advice:

Ride the Wave

What's New? is this fun and a little annoying? There is evidence that many people are trying to get the most out of the Bitcoin trend status

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This is true for Bitcoin's social media and current markets, while people claim to get on the runaway train. The next two weeks will be particularly revealing for the cryptocurrency space as futures are introduced to the market for the first time.

Expect Twitter trolls to continue to practice troll-lol-ing in the foreseeable future. ]