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Twitter undergoes reorg, makes the former product head co-founder of Periscope

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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey yesterday announced a major business upturn, hiring Periscope co-founder Kayvon Beykpour to lead the products and Mike Montano to lead the team. Engineering company.

"Through the goal of increasing our sustainability, our agility, our invention and our entrepreneurial dynamism, and simplifying the way we work, I decided to make our organization simpler," Dorsey writes. in an email to the staff. Dorsey shared his email publicly via a tweet yesterday.

The goal, according to Dorsey, is to bring the company back to an "end-to-end functional organization" organized by discipline relative to the previous general management structure that resulted in more stovepipe teams .

"The most egregious examples of this are a separate design and a video organization that had to be integrated," writes Dorsey.

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Ed Ho had previously led the product and engineering teams of the company. According to a series of tweets from Ho, the Twitter executive was away from Twitter in May to take a break, but decided to return to a part-time role after the death of a member of the family that occurred while he was on leave.

By email from Dorsey, Bruce Falck will continue to lead Twitter's revenue products, Parag Agrawal will continue to lead the technology, and Ned Segal will continue in his role of overseeing the company's finance team. Here is the tweet of the CEO describing the roles of reorg and leadership:

In April, Twitter reported that more than half of its revenues in the first quarter of this year were attributed to the video. As a co-founder of Periscope, Twitter's live streaming video application, Beykpour's arrival at the head of the products makes perfect sense as the company continues to develop its video efforts. Beykpour joined Twitter in 2015 during the acquisition of Periscope, which was still in private beta at the time.

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