Twitter will make its commercials more transparent for brands, everyone

While attention is focused on the dark side of digital advertising – electoral controversies to visibility issues – Twitter promises to expose more aspects of its advertising activities.

Twitter plans to open an advertising transparency center so that everyone can see all the ongoing advertising campaigns on the social network, including those that did not appear at the same time. origin as regular tweets. In addition, the company has accepted that the independent Media Indemnity Media Council (MRC) verifies its advertising measures so that brands can be assured of what they buy.

The Twitter Advertising Transparency Center will be deployed "in the coming weeks," according to a blog article released Tuesday. This gesture is an attempt on the part of the company to address the controversy surrounding how Russian-related entities used digital advertisements on Twitter, Facebook and Google to influence the US presidential election. last year.

In addition to indexing all current campaigns on Twitter, the Advertising Transparency Center shows the duration of each ad and its appearance. Internet users will also be able to view the list of targeted ads and "report inappropriate ads or give negative comments" (for example, "I do not like this ad") for each ad posted on Twitter, that the advertiser can view. announcement is broadcast. you target or not, "according to Twitter.

Twitter has also adopted a new policy regarding political campaign ads. Now, Twitter will demand that those who buy such ads reveal that they are intended to influence an election, and Twitter will affix them as political ads on its platform. In the Ad Transparency Center, these "election announcements" will be displayed with details about the advertiser's identity, historical ad spend, and targeting settings used.

In addition to making its advertising ecosystem more visible, Twitter will make its advertising measures more transparent. After Facebook and Google accepted MRC audits earlier this year, Twitter has followed suit.

At present, independent auditors are verifying that Twitter's measurements are in line with industry standards. This work should be completed by the end of the year, then the CRM will officially verify how Twitter accounts for ad impressions, including earned impressions, visible video impressions and time. spent watching a tweet or watching a Twitter video, according to an announcement published Tuesday by the MRC (PDF).

"The MRC audit will cover measurements included in the data feeds that Twitter prepares for third-party Meters, as well as its own reports on certain metrics." It is expected that integration and processing Twitter feeds by third parties will also be audited separately by MRC, to allow for end-to-end review of Twitter metrics as reported by these third-party environments, "according to the MRC.

The independent auditor plans to complete his review of Twitter's advertising measures during the first half of 2018.