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Twitter's new Advertising Transparency Center shows all ads served in the last 7 days

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In anticipation of the upcoming midterm elections, Twitter is deploying the second phase of its efforts to bring more transparency around political advertising campaigns.

Starting today, no one in the world will be able to view Twitter ads over the last seven days through the new Ad Transparency Center at application. The searchable database is accessible to all, which means that you will not need a Twitter account to perform a search. The Twitter Advertising Transparency Center will include Twitter advertiser ads, both in the US and around the world. although with this deployment, the only searchable political ads are those attached to US elections.

"To view ads from any advertiser, you can simply search for a specific ID and see the creation of all ad campaigns made within the last seven days from that ID," writes the Twitter Product and Engineering Manager. group, Bruce Falck, on the company's advertising blog.

Twitter plans to possibly include advertisements for political elections outside the United States, but says more research needs to be done on this front: "We are looking at how to adapt and internationalize political and political campaign policies. We are doing our due diligence to get it right and we will have other updates to come. "

For US political advertising campaigns under Twitter's new political campaign policy, Twitter's Advertising Transparency Center will also display billing information for the advertiser, ad spend, search data and more. print by tweet and demographic targeting data.

On May 30, Twitter launched the first phase of its efforts to combat the abuses and malicious behaviors that plagued the platform during the 2016 elections. The company began including labels on candidates in mid-term elections in the United States, indicating the office for which the candidate is a candidate, the location of the office and the district number. Mid-term US political candidates also got a small "clearly identifiable" icon from a government building next to their name in their Twitter bio.

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Facebook is also picking up the fight against abuse on its platform. The company has recently set new rules for political advertising and has rolled out a similar searchable database of political ad campaigns. F

While this year's US election cycle is so tense, and Russian groups have used social media to interfere in the 2016 presidential elections, many platforms have updated their campaign policies. political advertising. To help us keep track of these changes, we've compiled the latest political ad policies from each of the major platforms in one place: the big list of political ad policies of major social and research platforms.

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