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Two big reasons why millennia really use Tinder (hint: do not connect)

Swipe left, swipe left, swipe right.

The Millennium children are handing down the popular mobile matching app, Tinder, except that they are not lucky.

In a LendEDU survey of students, 72% of the more than 3,800 students surveyed said they had not met a match on Tinder. Only 29% had. Tinder says that there are 1.4 billion scans a day, with 26 million matches a day.

And good luck trying to find a relationship on Tinder.

Millennials use Tinder for reasons that are not even close to serious dating. 44% of the approximately 9,700 students surveyed reported using the application for two other reasons:

1. For a reminder of trust

2. To postpone further

Less than 5% said they were looking for a relationship on Tinder, and only 22% tried to find a relationship.

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