PHOENIX – In what it calls a first for the moving industry, U-Haul International has unveiled a free-of-charge truck rental option. service designed for people seeking to conduct the entire process online – – day or night.

The U-Haul "Truck Share" program allows one to select, pay, pick up and drop a U-Haul truck entirely through a smartphone. The smartphone's camera is an integral part of it.

The program is available 24 hours a day, allowing customers to connect to one of 21,000 U-Haul locations in the United States and Canada.

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As part of the online process, customers use the smartphone's camera to upload their photos, their driver's license and the fuel gauge. , as well as pictures of the condition of the vehicle, before and after the rental. They can also buy insurance through their phones.

Once a person has been verified and that a transaction has been approved remotely by the service personnel located on Midtown Phoenix campus of U-Haul, the clients receive instructions to retrieve keys from a nearby safe. They later return the keys in a similar manner

Nearly 150 "live-verify" specialists Are working 24 hours a day in Phoenix, among more than 3,800 U-Haul employees and their parents.Amerco Arizona

U-Haul will continue to allow customers to check vehicles in a traditional way, but the new service allows people to skip the lines at the counters and do business at odd hours of the day and night.

"We intend to disrupt the business. 39, the self-relocation industry that we created in 1945, "said Joe Shoen, president of Amerco, the parent company of U-Haul: The new program "modernizes the transactional aspect of our business and brings the convenience of the customer to a new level," he said in a statement.

The accelerated program that U-Haul spent nearly a decade preparing to require membership fees like many carpool programs. Anyone doing business with the company will be automatically registered.

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