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This is the latest attempt by Uber to expand its user base.

SAN FRANCISCO – The Uber ride Through this app, it is easier for its users to organize trips for the elderly and other people who do not know their smartphone, but who still need to be on the go. help to get around the city.

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update of the application, is mainly designed for Uber users who want a simple way to organize rides for parents, grandparents and other relatives who are unable to drive themselves. Previously, Uber users who were ordering on behalf of another passenger had to call the driver to explain the situation.

When users ask to be picked up somewhere else than at their current location, the application gives them the ability to ride for someone else. The passenger will not need the Uber application; they will get a text identifying the driver, the car mark and other information. Uber will charge the person who ordered the tour.

The new feature is available in the United States and more than 30 other countries.

Uber's biggest rival, Lyft, does not currently offer consumers the opportunity to arrange a ride for another passenger from within its application.


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