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UK Asset Manager adds support for the Ethereum traded product

Hargreaves Lansdown, a UK-based asset manager, offers his clients access to two ET ETs.

According to a CityWire report, the asset manager opens the doors to two ethereal ETNs – named COINETH: SS and COINETHE: SS – which are denominated in the national currency of Sweden, the crown and the 39th. euro, respectively.

The move comes a few months after the company began offering its customers some degree of access (via negotiated security) to the cryptocurrency market.

In June, the company – founded in the 1980s and having more than 61 billion euros in assets under management – announced that she was working with the Swedish company XBT Provider to allow its customers to buy shares in a linked ETN. to bitcoin. This ETN, traded on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange, was approved for the first time in 2015.

The idea underlying securities such as XBT's ETNs is that, rather than investing directly in the market through the purchase of a cryptocurrency, investors can purchase an exhibition by means of related instruments.

Danny Cox, Communications Manager at Hargreaves Lansdown, described the offer as a "complex investment" for some investors.

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