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Universe, an Instagram for building mobile websites, gets funding from YC

As social media sites become more and more massive and encompassing, a startup is looking to bring Myspace's user-friendly customization to a new generation of users seeking to uniquely define their online presence.

Universe is a mobile website creation tool for the era of social media, avoiding complicated templates for easily customizable website "filters" that combine trend models with a grid template where users can drag and drop photos, videos and icons. Mobile optimized website in minutes on the iOS application of the company.

"People use Universe because they want to build a website on their phone and they want total control over the appearance of this site," said founder Joseph Cohen at TechCrunch . "In many ways, we are trying to take over from Tumblr."

The team launched last year a $ 3.2 million financing from Box Group, General Catalyst, Greylock Partners and Eniac Ventures. We profiled the boot then; now they are about to step out of Y Combinator's latest startup class with new funding and a growing feature set for users.

When the service was launched for the first time, it was a single page containing quick information and links that you could create in a minute or two. The site has kept creating the site fast integration, but last month, the mobile application began to attack multipage sites that could stack pages with a simple CMS with which users could blog directly on their sites.

"If you look at us as a website builder, our product DNA is more like LEGO," said Cohen.

The added feature gives users a lot more to go to and deepen the utility for the artists who use the site to show their portfolio. The company has long argued that they want to help you create the website that you link into your Instagram bio; It's a pretty tight goal, but the startup has regularly added features that make it a pretty compelling selling.

The added utility causes an increase in traffic on the network of boot sites, with traffic increasing by 10% over a week, while the network of sites built on Univers also increases by thousands each week. The application has also recently been featured as the app of the day on the App Store.

In terms of pricing, the service is free for users who have their site well on the domain of the Universe (ex: lucasmatney.onuniverse.com), and $ 3 a month for those who would like their own URL. In addition, users can add an additional $ 3 to add scans or remove the Universe logo from the bottom of the site.

You can download free Univers on iOS.

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