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Unlocking Higher Marketing ROI with Unified Measurement: A Step-by-Step Approach

Marketers, faced with an increasingly fragmented world of consumer attention and media channels, are beginning to rely more on tools that leverage data to make decisions and find competitive advantage.

In recent years, marketing analytics has reached a tipping point where it is a must for brands, large and small. The attribution, that is, the science of clearly identifying the parts of the marketing mix that generate commercial results, has had a remarkable impact on the way companies make decisions about their marketing investments.

The most advanced tools provide information on things like messages that interest people in which channels, and they contain the key to finding optimal reach, frequency, targeting strategies and budget. Product enhancements provide an even more granular understanding of message sequencing and can also optimize messages that will then be best suited to different audiences, each of whom may be at different stages of the purchase process. .

Some solutions are even able to include consideration of external factors such as weather conditions and traffic patterns, as they calculate the path to a higher marketing ROI. In addition, today 's solutions can provide optimization decisions so quickly that marketers can take advantage of this information during campaigns, rather than having to wait for more information. month before seeing the results.

Choosing to use a unified measurement platform is the first step of a journey to unleash the powerful decision-making power of these new tools. This guide, developed with the experience of others who have adopted a unified measurement tool, provides step-by-step practical advice to help your business avoid some pitfalls and get the most out of them. a faster return on investment.

We have developed this quick guide based on the popular framework Crawl, Walk, Run.

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About the author

Rex Briggs is founder and CEO of Marketing Evolution and has over 20 years of experience in research and analysis. Rex focuses on the attribution and optimization of omni-channel personal marketing. He has served on the JAR Review Committee and sits on the Editorial Board of Research World. He is the best-selling author of two books, "What Sticks, Why Advertising fails and How to Ensure Success" (2006) and "SIRFs Up, The History of How Algorithms and Software" change Marketing. "