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(+) Update of the OIC: Universa

Very few ACIs aroused more craze and pent up demands than Universa, the blockchain project promising to improve Bitcoin and Ethereum through smart contracts easy to produce. At the core, Universa is an infrastructure project that could spearhead a much larger ecosystem of cryptocurrency payments and related tokens.

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As a next-generation blockchain platform, Universa uses contract execution technology and a distributed ledger to enhance existing cryptocurrency systems. These improvements are intended to stimulate the adoption of businesses in all sectors of society. This imperative is evidenced by the following quote:

When traditional block chains deal mainly in foreign currency, Universa is designed to
support the symbolic representation of everything from passports to boarding passes, bus tickets or taxis ; they can be gift cards, vouchers or gym membership cards. You could make a token representing your title deed, or only the keys of the house. (White paper)

In addition, the platform aims to "implement the most common entity in each business process: a set of referenced contacts, signed and stamped documents, without the many disadvantages of other token-based solutions." bitcoin.

Universa developers describe the platform as a "thin" protocol as opposed to the big client currently imposed by traditional blockchains. Essentially, this means that any change to a contract occurs in a separate chain of contracts called "C-chain", as opposed to the existing block-grouping protocol to form a single ledger.

The Universa platform is designed to help companies create a simple protocol for creating blockchains and applications, reducing transaction costs, increasing transaction speeds, and maintaining smart contracts on the blockchain. It is essentially a gateway for services that automatically capture electronic documents more efficiently via smart contracts. With this protocol, Universa promises to reduce transaction costs on a safe and reliable platform.

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In the end, Universa is an infrastructure project, which means that it will serve as a basis for future projects that want to integrate their chips on the platforms. This means that there is a lot of riding on this project, and its success can certainly strengthen a whole community of blockchain developers.

Sale of chips

The public sale of the Universa Token, UTN, began on October 28th. Up to 99 million US dollars are accepted at a price of $ 0.01 per chip. A minimum purchase of $ 10 is required to participate in the crowdsale.

Funds raised through the project will go mainly to the Universa protocol, marketing and development and its foundation, which includes OpenBackend, Blockchain Academy and CryptoNation.

The sale of chips will continue until December 12, which will give investors enough time to enter if they find that UTN is a profitable investment.


Universa is led by the talented Alexander Borodich, technology investor and managing partner of VentureClub. He is also the former Marketing Director of Group, Russia's largest technology company.

The management team also includes Sergey Chernov, former chief technology officer at Cybiko and veteran of cryptography for 17 years, as well as Alex Dovnar, who has spent 20 years in digital marketing. The team has 20 core employees, including developers, event managers, system administrators and a crypto mathematician (really cool!).

It should also be noted that Universa got the services of a certain John McAfee, who became a project consultant.


There are very few things to dislike about Universa. As a distributed system for smart contracts, it has the potential to become a digital currency provider without depending on the process of extraction.

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  • Does Universa ask too much? There is some concern in the investment community that anyone who wants to participate in this important capital increase can enter. It is not yet clear whether this will return by reducing the demand for the token. -1
  • The Russian projects of the OIC have had trouble getting started. Combined with a regulatory perspective less than some has led some to question the viability of this massive undertaking. We have already seen Chinese projects suffer from the prohibitions of the ICO. Russian authorities have given mixed signals on what they intend to do with offers of coins. -2.5

Growth potential

  • The Universa platform is 60 times faster than Etherhé and much, much faster than bitcoin, thus enabling wider use in the business world +3
  • The platform functions as a distributed system for smart contracts, making it much faster, cheaper and safer than leading blockchains. It is said that Universa can provide 10,000 transactions per second, compared with only 15 for Ethereum and six for Bitcoin. +3
  • Universa has a strong potential for use cases, and is considered a strong candidate for the adoption of companies. This is especially the case when you consider its solutions for instant payment transparency, transfer of ownership, and support for multiple business processes. +3
  • Universa's partnership with John McAffee is a huge asset to the project and its credibility. +2


Universa is widely regarded as the most promising ICO of Russia. The company expects the sale of chips to generate $ 100 million. Based on its outstanding technical specifications, real-world applications and investor hype, this figure is certainly achievable.

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In this context, we attribute to Universa a score of 7.5 out of 10 which ranks it among our top rated ICOs. Although the ICO has already started, investors still have plenty of time to capitalize.

Details on investment

  • Type : Raven
  • Symbol : UTN
  • Presale : Seven 2017
  • Opening of the auction : 28 Oct. 2017
  • End date ; December 9, 2017
  • Platform : Ethereum / Customized
  • Exchange Rates : $ 1 USD = 100 UTN
  • Maximum market capitalization of the ICO : $ 99 million USD
  • Total Supply : 14 billion UTN (10 billion in circulation)
  • Accepted Payments : Ethereum (ETH)

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