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Updated Guide to Facebook Advertising Placements (Infographic)

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There’s a lot to learn about Facebook advertising, with new ad types and features constantly being rolled out by the social media giant.

Facebook Ads offers more creative freedom for marketers and advertisers to tailor their materials for their target market. Thus, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of the platform, starting with Facebook Advertising Placements.

There are two ways you can set up your ad set – automatic placement and edit placement. While automatic placement is recommended for advertisers who are launching their first set of ads, edit placement works best for those who already have a solid idea where their ads will perform best.

However, not all ad types are available on every Facebook ad placement. This infographic details and illustrates what you need to know about every type of ad placement including Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, Instant Articles, and Messenger. You’ll see what each ad placement works best for which advertising goal, as well as the different ad formats each placement supports.

For better results, run your campaign on multiple facebook advertising. Though you may find that some placements don’t work or work well for you depending on your objective or creative, it’s a must that you have to constantly test, analyze, and record the results. Aside from placements continuously run A/B tests for your offer, copy, visual, and CTA to maximize your Facebook ROI.

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