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Useful Tips For Protecting Your Roof After A Spring Storm: Storm Chasers And Insurance

Useful Tips For Protecting Your Roof After A Spring Storm Storm Chasers And Insurance

At the end of every spring storm, there could be a severe disaster that would affect your roof and possibly some other items in the house. Nevertheless, nothing can probably be worse than you falling victim of scammers after the pain of such a disaster. Let me enlighten you about this greater disaster by talking about storm chasers.

Storm chasers

Every industry has its own scam that people are always trying to avoid as much as they can. In the case of the roofing industry, the greatest of all scam is the door-to-door salesman called storm chasers that comes knocking at your door to know if you need roofing service.

They are so smart that when they notice you probably won’t be needing any services from them, they create one which you may not be able to resist. They might demand to help you with the inspection of your roof at a ridiculously low price. It becomes so attractive that you don’t want to miss the opportunity, so you don’t even border to ask questions before allowing them to start working.

Because they have no roofing experience and they are perfect at hiding that fact from you, they work for you at the ridiculous price just as promised but end up causing more damages that you might never be able to detect until they are gone. Some might even create space where buglers can pass through in your absence to steal from you.

To avoid falling a victim of this terrible situation after the spring storm, it is advisable for you only to seek the services of expert roofing contractors to assist with the inspection of your roof and possible repair if any damage is noticed.

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Another possible way of escaping the horror of roof damage that follows a spring storm is the proper usage of your insurance policy.


Can insurance really be helpful? Well! We are about to find out the truth about what insurance can do for you and what insurance cannot do for you. Even before the storm or before noticing any damage it is advisable that you review your insurance policy else you might be paying unnecessarily for roof repair or replacement services.

Reviewing your policy would help you to determine precisely what your insurance policy covers and avoid surprises that could be very painful. Once you are sure of what you stand to gain ensure to contact your insurance company immediately after any damage is noticed. Take a quick step of submitting your claim for the insurance adjuster to come to carry out an inspection of the roof’s damaged areas to determine the exact amount of money that would be needed to fix the roof by either repairing it or carrying out a complete replacement.

After this process is done thoroughly, it is now your responsibility to do your research and choose one of the best roofer or roofing contractor to get the job done for you.