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Users of the Ledger Wallet continue to see the Bitcoin Cash Break

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Ledger Wallet users were unable to access Bitcoin Cash due to a break in the analyzer with the new version of Bitcoin -ABC, the Bitcoin Cash node. The company has indicated on its website that it has solved the problem and that all systems are currently operational.

The company has updated users on its website as well as on Reddit and Twitter during the last day to resolve the issue.

Ledger Portfolios: the funds are safe

Before settling the problem, Ledger Wallet informed users yesterday that their funds were secure and that they could receive transactions. Customers have been advised that they could use Electron Cash to access funds in case of emergency.

The resynchronization of the nodes took longer than expected, noted the company, which monitored the situation.

Ledger Wallet copied all data blockchain from one explorer to the other. The explorers then had to resynchronize with the BCH blockchain since 6 April at 00:00.

"Once we are sure everything is working properly, we will apply our patches to the blockchain Ledger explorer and the BCH daemon before synchronizing the rest of our infrastructure," said a statement on the site of the society.

Ledger Wallet also published updates on Twitter and Reddit.

At 11:36 UTC, all BCH servers were up to date and the situation was considered resolved, the company noted.

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The members complain

Ledger Wallet users complained about Reddit that the situation had not been resolved 20 hours after the breakup. Customers could not access their portfolios and no transaction was visible.

Some customers were worried about sending funds to the wrong portfolio.

"It is disappointing to see such a problem take so long to resolve, I would have hoped for more professionalism on the part of Ledger, but it seems that they treat Bitcoin Cash as a minority brand with a very low priority yesterday on Reddit.

Another user noted that after 109 confirmations of a BCH transaction, the transaction still had not appeared on the general ledger. Another added that a status page best placed by Ledger Wallet would have avoided them having to go to Reddit to find out what was going on. Several customers have expressed their satisfaction with the patch on Twitter.

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