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Using E-Commerce to Attract B2B Customers

B2B merchants often view e-commerce as a tool for existing customers. The acquisition of new customers should be through the sales team and not through the Internet. The website becomes a way to support sales staff and offer customers a more convenient way to place their orders.

But B2B e-commerce is changing – certainly Amazon Business is looking for new customers. In this article, I will describe strategies for attracting new B2B customers via e-commerce.

Initial purchase

In B2B, a new customer usually has to go through several steps to place an order. Some of them may involve a salesperson or a customer service representative.

Before placing an order, new customers often need:

  • An account number;
  • Custom Pricing
  • Amounts and conditions of credit.

B2B marketers should simplify their purchasing process, to allow buyers to place an order entirely online, without internal support and without having to wait for an account.

I have seen innovative companies allow visitors to place initial orders by credit card, for products at the public list price. After the first order, customers receive an account number along with personalized prices and terms. This allows the acquisition of new customers.

Online Advertising

By configuring products to be visible at the list price and buyers can add them to their cart without an account, you can create Google Shopping ads.

Online advertising can be very effective for B2B marketers.

Consider the screenshot below for the search results for "Electric Centrifuge". The images at the top of the page come from Google Shopping ads. Merchants can only advertise there if they have a product page showing the price and a purchase button.

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While natural search results are good in theory, look at what is the first page of results below: Google Shopping images, links to Amazon listings, and Wikipedia entry. If you want your business to appear in Google's search results, you must advertise.

Google Shopping ads enable B2B buyers to offer their products.

A well-paid paid search campaign associated with an attractive e-commerce site and powerful email marketing can provide reliable sales growth.

If you sell expensive and complex products, selling parts for these products online can be logical. Parts are usually high margin. And by providing buyers with access to these pieces via your website, you will be able to create a list of e-mails from loyal customers – and prospects for complex and expensive products.

Creating a Content Strategy

Content creates relationships Provide buyers with information that supports your products. Include technical specifications and manuals on the product page. Add a resource area to your website that answers questions frequently asked by new buyers when ordering your products.

Well done, the content provides an overview of your B2B business, as well as useful information. It separates your company from Amazon and your other competitors.

For example, SherrillTree provides information and educational resources to professionals in the tree maintenance industry. He positions SherrillTree as a leader in his field. And it helps the tree professionals to establish a relationship with the company

 SherrillTree provides resources to professionals in the tree industry. This positions the company as an expert and leader in its field. "Width =" 570 "height =" 331 "/> 

<p class= SherrillTree provides resources to professionals in the tree industry, positioning the company as an expert and leader in his field.

Promoting Your Achievement Speed ​​

Timeliness is important for B2B buyers. Having a simple order process and fast delivery can make all the difference. I've seen manufacturing companies that had lost sales to foreign competitors recover the company based on how quickly they flourished.

Consider telling buyers that an order will be shipped, that is, orders will be placed before 2pm. will be shipped the same day "- or post a message counting down the time remaining to ship a product that day.

 Amazon promotes its speed of fulfillment ("Want it Monday, Oct. 16?"). Buyers know exactly when they can expect that an article arrives. "Width =" 467 "height =" 445 "/> 

<p class= Amazon is promoting its speed of execution (" Want it Monday, Oct. 16? "). They can expect that an object arrives.

Build Once – Sell 24/7

Many manufacturers and distributors have assigned business development to sales staff. But an online store can attract new customers. This will not eliminate a sales team. This will help them sell even more.