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VC Expert Gurley: Bitcoin is an Amazing Value Store

Expert venture capitalist and investor Bill Gurley believes that Bitcoin is an incredible value store. In an interview with CNBC, the financier made it clear that he believes that a bright future for Bitcoin is a certainty given its usefulness in destabilized monetary economies.

Gurley said in the interview that he was positive about the future of Bitcoin. Clearly the way forward, especially in places where other currencies are not an option because it represents a stable store of value. His company has a small position in cryptocurrency. He said:

"I think of it as an incredible store of value in the rest of the world, I do not think it's irrational, a lot of people who live in this kind of country want to be paid in Bitcoin. "

Wall Street sees the future?

The comments further reflect the fracture that is forming quickly on Wall Street, with those who are very positive about the future of the currency. and those who consider it a fraud or money laundering tool.

However, the reality that adoption continues to grow has made it impossible to ignore cryptocurrency. According to Ben David, co-founder of SPiCE VC:

"Bitcoin is currently rewriting the definition books, may contain or exchange in a predictable manner", but Bitcoin is a digital magazine of v alue, and as a such, it adds the exponential network effect – Bitcoin is the Facebook of money, used by millions today, but over the next 10 years, its real challenge will be to s & # 39; adapt and improve as it reaches billions of users.

These challenges will continue as the cryptocurrency market continues to develop. However, the reality of the need for utility to create value stores continues to torment the minds of some experts. Eyal Hertzog Co-founder of Bancor:

"Store of Value" is one of the ways in which a currency can be used. For everything that needs to be used as SoV, it must be useful otherwise. Money can be used as SoV because it is useful for trading. Gold can be used as SoV because of the market demand for this specific rare substance. For a digital currency to be useful as a SoV, it must probably be useful for other purposes. "