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VIABET – The Future of Online Gambling: Everything You Need to Know

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The game has come a long way. This year, the online game is expected to generate $ 50.65 billion and move to $ 56.05 billion in 2018 . It is a lot of money. Just for comparison, Disney generated $ 52.47 billion last year .

If you are an avid gambler, you have probably heard about the concept of provable fairness, decentralized play and something that has been the "flavor of the year" 0% of marginal play. This is not a secret, blockchain is the future of online gaming, but have you ever heard of "cloud-betting"? Well, there is a first time for everything! A paradigm shift in the way we see online gambling approaches.

Start your own parties with VIABET

Have you ever been to a casino? They say that "home" always wins right? Well, what would happen if there was an autonomous platform for players to launch their own casino games? Everything changes well? Ever wanted to create your own dice site? No problem! You can do this with VIABET .

VIABET acts as a technological springboard allowing regular players as well as gaming companies to create and launch their own casino games. Similar to the way Ethereum created a world running DApps. VIABET aims to create a transparent and compelling platform that proves itself to the world by reshaping the online gaming industry. The platform is powered by an ERC20 protocol token based on Ethereum called VIA (XVIA) guaranteeing the absolute transparency of the casino.

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What makes VIABET unique:

VIABET proposes the first cloud betting service . They believe that cloud betting is the evolution and next logical step towards decentralized casinos, which are clearly fair and 0% edge game . The ability to create, launch and host your own casino games is something new in the game world.

Verification of blockchain transactions ensures that no player has any advantage at any point in the gaming process. This provides greater resilience against fraud and prevents tampering. Transactions on the blockchain are also transparent to others and are therefore verifiable.

The great thing about VIABET is that you set your own bankroll. You can even set up a game with $ 10 if you really want to and earn interest without risk. There are many ways to become home using the platform. You may have a higher risk / reward depending on your preferences. You can launch several casino games. VIABET will do the marketing for you.

We use a system of "double token" . VIA (XVIA) and Edge, you need both chips to start games.

You can only earn Edge tokens by playing games on our casino, you can not buy them / buy anywhere else or on any exchange.

You must also deposit (deposit) VIA (XVIA) in order to launch and host games like home. There is a limited amount of chips. Only 70,000,000 VIAs have been created.

While the player operates as a casino operator, Edge Tokens will be deducted from his account.

Once the player fails to maintain the minimum number of Edge chips required, he becomes a regular player and must play against the casino house in order to win more chips that will allow him / her to play. to host games.

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Investor Lover

VIA (XVIA) token holders will have the opportunity to participate in quarterly chip tokens (based on household income for that quarter) ranging from 10 to 100% of profits. We will be required to redeem up to 10% of the holders' chips at a price that will NEVER be lower than the original crowdsale price. The value is locked.

Game of change

VIABET aims to become a "one-stop shop" for gamers, game creators and established fiat casinos. In the future, you will know VIABET as the 800-pound gorilla in the cryptocurrency play space. They do not stop there either. The online gambling industry is estimated at $ 50 billion, and is expected to reach $ 56 billion in 2018. Less than 5% of this market is attributed to the cryptocurrency game. This means that 95% of the fiat market is still available and that they are ready to engulf this market share.

Finally, they offer a service that has never been offered before. The ability to create, launch and host your own casino games is something new in the gaming world. As history shows, most first comers are rewarded with d & rsquo; Huge profit margins and a monopoly status.

VIABET launches a pre-sale of chips and plans to raise more than $ 2 million

The VIABET Pre-sale token is now live finally giving his supporters a chance to take advantage of The future growth of VIABET will generate. Only 9.8 million VIA chips will be sold during pre-sales. The pre-sale being capped at 7,000 ETH only, it is expected that it will sell and close its doors to new investors well before its November 21 deadline is reached. In addition, VIABET has put in place early discounts to encourage investors to participate, a bonus of 40% for investors in pre-sale is available.

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To contribute and claim your pre-sale bonus of 40%, please visit: