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Want to change the world? Read these 7 books

There is nothing easy to try to make real changes in the world. In addition, there is nothing easy to change career, follow your dreams, start a small business, or even just to admit that it's time to start something something new.

While all this sounds as simple as a decision inspired by a motivating sticker, the real journey of creating a lifetime and a career that really feels like making a difference can be a life-long process. One that can sometimes leave you a little lost, confused or uninspired.

Rest assured, we have all been there. Some of the greatest innovations and experiences are born from this voice shouting for a bit of direction and inspiration.

The books below are full of these two things – simple guides and beautiful relatable philosophies that aim to help you help you so that you can make a real difference. Whichever way you look most like

But, since impact and contentment really start as an inside job, these leaders, creators, and entrepreneurs who change the world can be your guides.

Elizabeth Gilbert (@GilbertLiz) has been an inspiring example of life changes for some time now. If you do not know her by name, you probably know her by Eat Pray Love an autobiographical tale of a woman who is searching for the meaning of her life – and who is lucky enough to find her. Needless to say, as life changes, she knows what she's talking about.

Gilbert talks about making deep commitments to oneself and one's dreams first and foremost, following your curiosity and learning to let go. This could be something to make art to deepen your inspired ideas on starting a new business. Everything is a question of habits – and a willingness to commit oneself to oneself.

Courtesy of Melissa Gruntkosky

One of the scariest things about trying to change things and follow your dreams is that it all makes money, does not it? Well, in Crush It! Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee) offers tools and tips for creating your brand, producing content, maximizing your presence on social media, and yes, making major greenstuffs.

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Vaynerchuk should also know – he heads the digital and social marketing agency VaynerMedia. And if you want a little more time from Gary when you have finished devouring his book, go to his YouTube channel.

And you'll do it – he just has a way to make you believe whatever you want is possible.

Courtesy of Goodreads

When it comes to inspiration and to teach people how to change lives from within, Deepak Chopra (@DeepakChopra) is one of the best. He has done some major business in the name of helping people to manifest the life that they desire and deserve.

In this book, inspired by Hindu philosophies and spiritualists, it teaches readers to engage and trust in simplicity – that success is not limited to dynamism and hard work, but more than all. At 118 pages, this book can be your fellow briefcase and a real kick in the pants about engaging in this practice of meditation.

Courtesy of Amazon

Ok, so if you really want to exploit these laws of nature, this will give you an accelerated course. This deeply popular cult classic is loved by everyone from celebrities, entrepreneurs to prison inmates.

He is inspiring, direct and describes all the "laws" and traits necessary to come into contact with your own power, without any excuses. It's a super succinct and straightforward guide, but after all, Robert Greene (@RobertGreene) follows his own advice. Law No. 4 is "Always say less than necessary."

Courtesy of Penguin Random House

Dr. Brené Brown (@BreneBrown) is a TED Talk celebrity there has been one, a researcher, a writer and a thought leader based at the University of Houston College of Social Work. Brown says that "vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change". His work revolves around the idea of ​​living with "the heart at arm's length".

In his research, Brown finds that those who are really happy and have an impact are people who take risks with the way they are really open and honest with their emotions and desires. Not only in our careers, but in all our relationships.

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Brown believes that the staff and the professional are inextricable – and that to live a life that is built around our true identity, we need to break the deep blocks and resistance to be truly vulnerable. The other deep interest of Brown? How can people learn to believe that they are worthy of what they want. Scary? May be. But a skill worthy of being approached, do not you think?

Courtesy of the TED blog

Derek Sivers (@sivers) is best known for starting CD Baby, a music launch site for independent artists – and in Anything You Want, he bases his journey following his passion for making multi-million dollar company. He calls it "accidental" success – but do not let it sound too easy.

Sivers also exposes his main stumbling blocks and his falls – such as having to pay his father over $ 3 million to buy back the majority stake in his business. It all started by selling CDs to friends and learning to code. The main point to remember is to get in touch with what you want and learn to follow your own flow – because most people do not do it.

Courtesy of Derek Sivers

You may know Shonda Rhimes (@shondarhimes) as a creator of TV hits in prime time, like Gray's Anatomy and How to Get Away With Murder. She is one of the most powerful women (not to mention the coolest) in Hollywood.

She also knows a thing or two about taking risks to successfully follow what she believes in. Especially what it takes to believe and commit to his own ideas.

Rhimes encourages, you guessed it, saying yes, something that she never had the habit of doing. She takes us through her own intimate and hilarious story to take a year to do it. Say yes to everything. Even if it meant going out of his comfort zone. A bit like it paid, right?

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The best part of this book, which is a real pleasure to read, is that much of Rhimes' journey concerns self-acceptance and self-esteem. . Some of the main ingredients in following your dreams.

Courtesy of Books-A-Million

A media mogul, angel investor and marathon runner, Peter Shankman (@petershankman) discovered that he had ADHD after spending his childhood and early adulthood thinking about it that he was "weird" or "strange".

His mind simply did not work like everyone else. He had problems with deadlines and was working on tasks that he did not find interesting. On the rise, however, when engaged, his mind worked incredibly fast

In his latest book, Shankman describes how he used ADHD to his advantage – creating a meaningful and exceptionally productive life.

Whether or not you have ADHD, you will find his book fascinating and full of useful tips on productivity.

Courtesy of Capterra

Do not you feel in the dark how can you make a real change or do you just need a little extra boost for a plan that is already moving? Get some of these thought-provoking books that magnify the mind and read your text!

Author : Emily Kate Pope is the director of publishing at Fundera, an online marketplace for small loans companies. with the best finance providers for their business. She specializes in all areas of small business financing, from credit to accounting.