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Watch Out Security Application Acquires Paywall BitWall Startup

BitWall, a start-up specializing in Bitcoin promising to help online publishers make money, has been acquired.

Its new owner is WatchOut, the company behind an app that sends alerts on things like product and food recalls and weather emergencies. This is not the most obvious acquirer, but companies claim that BitWall can help Watch Out improve its data, payment and loyalty systems.

"We are delighted to bring BitWall into the Watch Out! Ecosystem," said Watch Out CEO Michael Lucas in the announcement of the acquisition. "Our mission is to provide a secure consumer protection platform while delivering hyper-targeted content whenever and wherever it matters most, whether it's a security alert or a digital reward. BitWall and his team help us do that. "

Apparently, there is also a TechCrunch link with the story – co-founder and CEO of BitWall, Nic Meliones told me that he had logged in for the first time at our Disrupt SF Hackathon in 2014, and he said that "A great partner" for BitWall.

I first wrote about getting started before the current craze around Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency – all the way back in 2013. The idea was to give visitors different ways to 39; access paypal content, whether it's a small payment, article promotion on Twitter or looking at an ad.

The company's biggest victory was probably a partnership with the Chicago Sun-Times in 2014, where the Sun-Times tested a firewall that readers could get around using Bitcoin or tweets. (The current Sun-Times paywall plans do not seem to include BitWall.)

The financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed. Meliones said that the company's paywall product will be closed, with technology diverted to a product that has not yet been announced at WatchOut.

Bitwall investors include Boost VC, AngelPad, Tim Draper, Boost Bitcoin Fund.

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