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Watch these robotic soccer players play a nail-bit of a match

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As a fan of all sports, I am particularly excited about the imminent replacement of humans by football robots. If this exciting match, the final of the Standard League Platform (SPL) of the Open of Germany featuring the Nao-Team HTWK vs. Nao Devils, is an indication that the future is going to be great.

The robots are all NAO robots from SoftBank and they are all designed according to the requirements of the Standard Platform League. The robots can run (sort of), kick (sort of), and raise themselves as they fall. The 21-minute video is a bit of a slog and the onlookers are certainly not drunk hooligans but damn if it's not great to see small robots hitting the grass to catch a ball before it's strike the goal.

For my part, I welcome our robot lords who play football.


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