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Watson Watson is engaged for B2B analysis [[S9]]

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TeamSupport announced Tuesday the addition of sentiment analysis technology, powered by Watson from IBM, to its customer relationship platform.

The new technology provides automatic textual analysis of e-mail or chat responses to assess a customer's feeling, so that customer support teams can prioritize and personalize their outreach efforts. It includes predefined categories such as "satisfied" and "frustrated".

Sensitivity Analysis is an addition to the TeamSupport Client Distress Index, which analyzes ticket and response data to categorize levels of customer satisfaction at the level of the customer. 39; company.

IBM Watson data will be used to record response data at the ticket and global customer level to inform customer strategy and provide a framework for customer success, TeamSupport said .

The company also plans to use IBM Watson's data to develop other areas of its service, noted TeamSupport CEO Robert Johnson.

Customer support table pegs

"The analysis of feelings for the cat and the text has been around for a long time," said Rebecca Wettemann, vice president of research at Nucleus Research.

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"RightNow had it before the acquisition of Oracle, but IBM had it well before it was marketing its albatross," she told CRM Buyer


The analysis of feelings "has evolved to become more sophisticated and profitable, and there are different levels of effectiveness of such solutions," said Wettemann. "It's really the stakes of the table now."

The long history of customer support technology has revealed many uses, noted Ray Wang, senior analyst at Constellation Research.

"Many pioneers of this technology have shown how they can, in the context of customer support, change the ranking of problems in order of priority [and]," he told CRM Buyer.

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More importantly, it allows representatives to know the history of interactions with the customer before responding, Wang added.

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Do too much of IBM

What's interesting about TeamSupport's approach, is that it "has made the investment necessary to operationalize Watson in a way that IBM's n & # 39; It has not been possible yet, "said Wettemann of Nucleus. "It can make it accessible to smaller teams without the resources to build their own model of feeling."

However, "there are many in-app options available at many price levels today," she noted.

Other companies that offer sentiment analysis to help customer support efforts include Medallia and Clarabridge, Wang said, "but they have always been more B2C focused than B2B."

Help Desk on Steroids

TeamSupport tools have been designed from scratch by B2B support professionals for organizations providing external customer support. The company compares its offerings to support software from Zendesk, Freshdesk, Cloud Service, Parature, Intercom, Kayako and HappyFox.

Customers include the American Lung Association, the National Basketball Association of the United States, Agilent Technologies and Comcast.

"If the training programs for TeamSupport improve the accuracy of the existing capabilities in the market, they have a good chance of gaining market share," Wang said.

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Solving the growing divide between the buyer and the B2B seller

There is growth
According to the Miller Heiman Group, buyers view sales teams as product representatives and engage them later in the buying process.

The analysis of feelings can help bridge this gap.

For example, Insights, a feedback analysis solution announced by Yotpo at Shoptalk in March, uses Automatic Language Processing (NLP) technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze opinions and their opinions.

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Retail brands can use Insights to analyze large-scale customer feedback to identify untapped trends or markets, receive alerts on new issues, and get instant feedback on new product releases .

"Sentiment Analysis" uses NLP to identify, prioritize, and suggest answers to defuse customer issues, "said Mr. Wang of Constellations, and, more importantly, proactively addressing issues before they become a problem.

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