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We have omnicanal all wrong

About six years ago, our industry was under another buzzword: omnichannel. Specific to marketing, the term has caused more confusion than clarity. What does it mean, and really mean? Nobody really knew or knew. But of course, everyone has thrown the term anyway.

In my opinion, the omnichannel was a way to look at marketing spending on multiple channels like digital, outside, television, in-store, print, radio and more, with the ability to adjust budgeting across each of them to make it more effective and efficient. Of course, measuring all this has turned out to be very difficult beyond a dashboard.

Even more difficult was determining what motivated the action of buyers and when. If you are marketing on all these channels, how can you accurately tell which point of contact, on which channel, has had the most impact by itself or in combination with others? You really can not, and you still can not.

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About the author

Lewis Gersh is the founder and CEO of PebblePost, guiding the company's strategy and vision of the company with over 20 years of experience in the board of directors and senior management .

Prior to PebblePost, Lewis founded Metamorphic Ventures, one of the first seed funds, and created one of the largest portfolios of companies specializing in data-driven marketing and payment processing / transactions. The portfolio companies include leading innovators such as FetchBack, Chango, Tapad, Sailthru, Movable Ink, Mass Relevance, iSocket, Nearbuy Systems, Thinknear, IndustryBrains, Madison Logic, Bombora, Tranvia, Transactis and many more. .

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Lewis received a B.A. from the State University of San Diego and a J.D. and a Master's degree in Intellectual Property from the UNH School of Law. Lewis is an accomplished endurance athlete who has competed in many Ironman, Ultra-marathon and Paralympic triathlons.