Weather Block will power global weather forecasts

Weather Block will power global weather forecasts

The basic idea of Weather Block is to acquire data integrity that is beneficial for everyone through a shared economy model, according to the Co-founder and Managing Director of Weather Block, Daniel Ham. The companies innovative approach was inspired by the current unstable weather industry resolution, where public weather data are rented from an average macro temperature of the region not providing details demanded by some developing industries. 

Such an approach may be convenient for every day and individual purposes. Day to day life decisions, like choosing the weather appropriate wardrobe, layering clothes, planing outside activities, can be adjusted according to the average macro temperature information heard from some news or the internet. Nevertheless, industries and companies whose work are tightly related to weather conditions, such as farming, transport, smart infrastructure, renewable energy sources and commercial drone operation require a higher resolution of the data.. 

Gathering of meteorology data requires a granular level network approach. Accurate temperature data from local ground weather stations offer information, Weather Block calls nano data, which is used to create a higher resolution macro temperature image. Even though the core competitiveness of companies in the weather industry lies in punctuality and quality data, the lack of sufficient local collection points often creates obstacles that negatively influence the weather report quality. 

Many weather forecasting companies don’t possess the funds to invest in proper hard deployment. From this view, it appears that one way to ‘beat the weather’ is to join forces. Reaching out to the public for help in the sensor distribution process may be the key to allow weather forecasting companies access to exact and actual information. By empowering individuals that will assist with distribution of sensors an entire network of societies will be more efficient in picking up small data but also encompass a more extensive territory. 

Weather Block decided to satisfy the demands of climate condition affected industries by establishing a decentralized ecosystem for peer-to-peer weather data exchange. One of the primary goals of this company is to develop a weather ecosystem. They will achieve this by combining blockchain protocol with advanced loT weather stations. 

Through a unity of community delegated consensus methods Weather Block will launch their WXB token as their protocol cryptocurrency for encrypted transactions in the coming month. The token will provide an integral lot of hardware, software, and data analytics helps. The caliber of the gathered data is ascertained by the companies partner BloomSky, who set up a smart weather camera design that was funded through crowdsourcing. 

The reason why Weather Block partnered with Bloom Sky is their simple and efficient camera design. It was developed by a team of designers, hardware engineers, and atmospheric scientist. Their network is the pioneer in visual weather data that has the ability to adjust each forecasting model based on previous records in the machine learning program.

Weather Block believes that the concept of crowdsourcing will bring a new consensus protocol of the blockchain. Member oriented communities have self-sustaining advantages that other models are lacking. The concept of a shared economic market through the interconnected loT weather smart devices is the core of an entirely new market for weather commerce and is the future.


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