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Web Push Notifications for Electronic Commerce

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Are you looking for new ways to promote your e-commerce business? I bet you are.

Today, just about everyone can start an e-commerce business with relatively small investments as long as they have access to the Internet, so the competition is massive and everyone is fighting for l & # 39; attention.

However, it seems that most online stores rely on Facebook ads to do the business, but they miss the opportunity to stand out by implementing new communication channels in their strategy digital marketing.

As you've probably already noticed, many online shops have started using web push notifications, which is a very effective marketing tool to improve customer engagement and increase sales. Since this is a relatively new marketing channel, users do not find push notifications too irritating, especially if they receive relevant and timely messages. In fact, push notifications produce twice as much open rates and clicks as e-mails.

Pretty impressive, huh?

Do not be too excited – creating effective push notifications is not an easy task. To enjoy the benefits of push notifications on the Web, you need to create them with a good strategy in mind. In this article, I will tell you some of my key tips for sending effective web push notifications that will skyrocket your sales and increase user engagement massively.

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Ready? Here we are.

Creating segments among subscribers

Segment your audience based on their buying habits, interests, and preferences. Why is this step so important? In this way, you will be able to reach the right users with a message that is really relevant to them. No one wants to be interrupted by an irrelevant notification – this will only motivate users to unsubscribe. You do not want that to happen, so create something that will really interest them and something that will benefit them. Most people are very busy, so do not interrupt with a message that is not worth their time.

To maximize the potential of your push notification strategy, use the data you have wisely to create a better experience for the user – they will appreciate your efforts.

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Here is an example of a well targeted web push notification:

<img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-38691" src="" alt=" Example of push notification of dog food "width =" 720 "height =" 272 "/>

Creating personalized messages for each segment of your audience will guarantee a higher engagement and ensure a minimum number of unsubscriptions, which is extremely important because once they have unsubscribed, they've probably gone for always and their chances of coming back close to zero.

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Send push notifications to retrieve abandoned trolleys

We have all been there – we go to an online store, add products to our cart and we leave them for any reason – either we changed our minds, we decided to look for a better offer or we were simply distracted by something at the checkout. Imagine all the money that companies lose because of that … Sad, no?

It's very common, but there are ways to recover abandoned carts and recover some of the otherwise lost earnings. Just send a push notification with a reminder that they left items in their shopping cart, offer the user free shipping or give them a discount code.

These people have already shown interest in buying your product, so you just have to give them a thumbs up.

Help users track their orders

If a person has chosen your store to buy something, make sure that their delivery experience is fluid and that they are informed of the delivery dates. Sending a push notification indicating that their parcel will be delivered within X days may not seem like a big deal, but it shows the user that you really care about them and gives you the chance. look more trustworthy.

Here are some examples of Maxtraffic push notifications:

<img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-38694" src="" alt=" Web push notification examples 1 "width =" 810 "height =" 291 "/>

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<img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-38693" src="" alt=" Web push notification example 2 "width =" 810 "height =" 455 "/>

Using Psychology Hacks

Having the right copy can mean the difference between success and failure – especially when it comes to pushing messages, because text is their most important component. You have to keep the messages short, so it is important that you develop them carefully to attract the attention of the users as much as possible. To do this, there are psychological hacks that could help you.

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Have you heard of FOMO before? It's short for scared to miss – the anxious feeling and the sense of urgency that people tend to have when they think they're going to miss something good – whether it's a good deal, a social event or exciting experiences. This feeling is particularly prevalent among Millenials.

You can use the power of FOMO by offering people a limited time deal because adding time limits will motivate users to speed up their purchase. Use phrases like "Do not miss!", "Hurry up!", "There are only a few things left" or "Act now!", Which will make people act faster than they do. would normally do. related keywords in the text as now, fast, fast, instant, never. Using the right words can have a huge impact on the effectiveness of your campaign.

<img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-38692" src="" alt=" Limited Time Offer Example "width =" 786 "height =" 778 "/>

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Another hack is to make your customers feel exclusive. This technique works well because humans tend to be egocentric, despite all that we like to deny. Try the effectiveness of this psychological hack by sending push notifications on users' birthdays with a special discount code and you will probably be blown away by the results.

Humans are not as rational as one might think, so implementing some psychological hacks can be an effective way of influencing their buying decisions. If you want to know more about these types of psychological hacks, I strongly recommend you read Robert Cialdini's book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion in which he describes all these principles in more depth. The best marketers are those who understand the way people think, especially when it comes to shopping.

Send reminders

Do you have a sale coming soon? Do not rely on your customers to remember this (hint: they probably will not do it). Send them a pre-sale reminder to make sure they're already starting to think about their next purchase in your store. You can do it the day before or a few hours before the start of the sale.

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Another technique is to send a last minute reminder to create a sense of urgency and take advantage of the fear of missing (ethically) to increase conversions. Because push notifications are hard to miss because they can cut off all the noise, you make sure everyone who subscribed most likely will notice the message, which is not always the case with others. marketing channels like email.

The best part about this? They should not even be on your website to receive a real-time reminder, as long as they have agreed to receive web push notifications from you. However, do not overdo it by sending too many notifications, otherwise your customers will be bored. Another tip to keep in mind, especially for ecommerce stores that have an international customer base, is to program your push messages based on your customers' time zone – nobody wants to be interrupted at 2 am by a notification, as good as it is.


If your competitors are not yet using web push notifications, this is your chance to beat them and you should not miss it. They can really do wonders when they are used properly, so keep these key tips in mind when creating your next campaign.

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