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Week before Thanksgiving a travel nightmare for business flights

If you have to squeeze in a last-minute flight for your small business, you'll want to avoid the week before Thanksgiving.

In a new Concur study, the busiest days for business trips will be Wednesday, 15 and Thursday, 16 November. These days, you can expect long queues at airports and even the possibility of being overtaken by an overbooked flight.

Avoid Business Trips Before Thanksgiving

Concur says that the week before Thanksgiving, namely the penultimate Wednesday and Thursday before the holidays in the United States is usually the busiest time for business flights. Last year, the busiest days were November 16 and 17. But do not think that traveling another day this week is a kid's game. The week before Thanksgiving is a busier time for business trips than any other all year.

Check out this chart showing the weeks when business trips are busiest throughout the year. Search the bars above the baseline:

To come to this conclusion, Concur analyzed the number of business travelers and compared the volume every day to the average weekday. There are 58% more business travelers traveling in the air during these two days than during the average work week.

And not only are there a lot more people on the flights. Many of them will be relatively inexperienced travelers too. This may cause more delays.

Concur concludes: "Infrequent travelers are more than likely to make their annual visits to customers or attend industry trade fairs and this may be the only trip that they take any the year. "

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<p> Although it's too late this year, it's best to know the least busy travel time for companies in July. If you are still planning on making this last minute trip this year and you can not avoid a flight the week before Thanksgiving, it is best to book very soon. Concur found that ticket prices rose 44% if bookings were made between 8 and 14 days after the flight. </p>
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