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Wendy & # 39; s and other major brands on the fast food offer offer franchise opportunities

Americans ranked the country's favorite fast food restaurants, and Wendy's restaurant takes first place.

The burger joint has recently begun to offer franchise opportunities to investors looking to expand. And it was not the only franchise restaurant that finished at the top of the rankings. Subway and KFC rank second and third, respectively, according to the latest survey of the country's leading fast food brands by digital survey company

These companies are also available to investors looking to enter restaurant franchises.

Ranker's Favorite Poll on Fast Food Restaurants

The Ranker community has voted online for the best fast food places in America, but what is really important for entrepreneurs looking for potential is the way that the One of these brands offers franchise opportunities. Taco Bell and Chick-fil-A closed Ranker's five fast-food restaurants ranked fourth and fifth, respectively.

If you fancy investing in a popular franchise, some of the top rated restaurants on Ranker's list offer more than just delicious burgers and deli fillings. Fast food restaurants are businesses that use franchise owners rather than owning each location.

Among the favorite fast food restaurants on Ranker's list with franchise locations available to investors and entrepreneurs are Wendy, Five Guys and Burger King.

Top 10 Best Fast Foods

The 10 most popular restaurants in the United States according to Ranker's survey are:

  1. Wendy & # 39; s
  2. Metro
  3. KFC
  4. Taco Bell
  5. Chick-wire-A
  6. Dairy Queen
  7. Five types
  8. Arby & # 39; s
  9. Burger King
  10. Burger In-N-Out

A well-known fast food restaurant outside the top 10 is McDonald's (ranked 29) that continues to produce new burger offerings, with classics like the Big Mac. McDonald's also offers franchise opportunities, with its 68 million daily customers in 119 countries spread across more than 35,000 outlets.

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Obviously, the opportunities to invest in a restaurant franchise are almost as abundant as cheeseburger choices.

Positions on Ranker's list of favorite fast food restaurants were influenced by the votes and re-ranks. Fast food lovers could reclassify the full list of top 50 restaurants, and this had more influence on the position of the final article than a binary vote up and down, said the online survey company.

The photo of Wendy via Shutterstock