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What everyone should know about follow-up with customers

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Tracking is the key to running a successful business. In the professional world, everyone is busy and just trying to keep everything afloat.

Not to mention that life goes on too. It is easy to overbook yourself, to forget things, or just to be late . If you know that these things happen to you often, know that it's the same for everyone.

How to follow up with potential customers

To know how to follow with prospects correctly and to avoid annoying them at the same time is the key. You do not want your follow ups to scare people away and lead to a missed opportunity, so keep these tips in mind.

Include a time-sensitive offer in your initial pitch

I do not know a single person who likes to send follow-ups. Thus, it is safe to assume that the initial intention of everyone is to get an answer on the first try and completely avoid the whole process of follow-up.

This should always be your goal – to send a full, precise and valid argument that invites the addressee to respond as soon as humanly possible.

To achieve this, consider including a deadline in your initial submission to create a sense of urgency. If you are freelance in the hope of getting a new customer mention that your calendar is filling up fast and that you are offering a limited time trial discount.

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In this way, when you follow up, you have something to reference and you can communicate to the potential customer that you fear that they are not taking advantage of the offer.

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Make it the subject (do your research)

After establishing your credibility at your first presentation, make sure you get as much of it as you can from the perspective and what you can do to make the most of it. You must do your research to get there.

Google the person you are sending by email and also check out their company and / or personal website. Stalk their accounts Social Media if you must. Just find out what pain points they have to be able to offer a valid solution.

Therefore, your argument is to say something like, "Hey ______, are you still fighting with ____________? By my initial request last week, I still want to help you solve ___________. I know you're busy, but how about organizing a small call to discuss ________ according to your availability? Just tell me if you have covered it and if you do not need my help / service anymore. "

Chances are, the person still needs help and just has not had time to answer you yet. By communicating that you are eager and eager to help solve their problem, this makes your follow up less boring and more of a potential solution.

Give them time to answer

As I said, people are busy and for some, it's hard to get through a lot of emails or voice messages in a single day's work. Make sure you leave enough time for the prospective prospect to read your pitch and do some research on your business before you follow up.

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You may want to include when you are releasing your first pitch as a courtesy so that the potential customer is not caught off guard with another email from you.

Persistence is also important. After the first launch, try to follow after 3-5 business days for two weeks. Then start following each week. Always let prospects know that they are not interested in your offer, they can inform you and you will stop following them.

After a few weeks, it may be time to stop tracking and everything will be fine because not everyone will be interested in working with you.


It is important to know how correctly track prospects if you want to grow your business. Realize that timing is also very important when it comes to sending locations and follow ups. Make sure you contact prospects personally or online before sending your first pitch.

Understand their needs and difficulties and then determine how you can help before reaching out.

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