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What PPC metrics are important? Lessons from half a million keywords

Do your AdWords campaigns work … like, really work?

This could be a surprisingly difficult question to answer. Anyone with an AdWords account can see if she gets clicks, and it's not too difficult to set up conversion tracking, but the reason you put money in AdWords was that you wanted to get money. exit .

In other words, you want your ad to be used to generate sales.

As obvious as this is, it's pretty hard to see how the different factors in your AdWords campaigns affect sales. To try to shed more light on the subject, we recently conducted a study on how different variables affect the advertising performance of Disruptive Advertising (my company). We extracted data from more than half a million keywords and measured return on investment against dozens of variables.

In short, we wanted to answer the question: What predicts profitability in an AdWords account? Our discoveries might surprise you.

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Jacob is a passionate entrepreneur whose mission is to grow businesses by using PPC & CRO. As founder and CEO of Disruptive Advertising, Jacob has developed an award-winning, world-class organization that has now helped more than 2,000 businesses increase their online revenue. Connect with him on Twitter.