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What Shonda Rhimes Can Teach Entrepreneurs to Write Their Own Stories

Rhimes is a full-fledged entrepreneur. She governs Shondaland, her production company, which has produced some of the most popular and popular television series of all time, including the feature film Gray's Anatomy (14 years of antenna). Rhimes is also the author of his memoir, "The Year of the Yes: how to dance, stand in the sun and be his own person".

She had a lot of tips for entrepreneurs in the crowd. Naturally, as a writer, Rhimes has said in terms of having to write and deliver his own story.

How to tell your story

Rhimes offered his 5-step plan to frame your own success story:

1. Deliver

You are responsible for telling your story. You must introduce yourself and deliver. Your story is how you are seen. Be convincing by saying it.

2. Be brave

Do not take the safe route. Take a risk.

3. Know that you belong to the play

Never wait until someone tells you that you belong. If you are wondering about your right to be in the room, other people will also begin to question him. Do not waste the opportunity. Just do the work.

4. Express yourself

Hold the attention of your audience. Tell people what you are going to do, so it's not a surprise when you do it. And then work hard. Be ambitious and daring when you talk to the world about your goals

5. As your audience

Put on your shoes and understand them. Are you your audience?

Rhimes added, the key to keeping your key employees is to make them feel appreciated.

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Like many entrepreneurs, Rhimes needs to be stimulated to function at its best. She said, "As soon as I find that I can do something easily, I start looking for something else to do. I like doing something that I have never done before. "

She also suggested you check with yourself: "Is the flame that lit you inside still there?"

After his speech, Rhimes had a conversation with journalist Lisa Ling. You can watch it here.

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