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Where software innovation is needed today: Martech

A senior manager asked me for advice the other day. Over the last 15 years, he worked for a company that sold software to publishers and loved the challenge of helping to invent a new industry.

But as the market matured and his company was acquired and then bought back, he realized that the heady days of constant innovation were over. Where should he go to have the same adrenaline rush and have a real impact?

My answer was immediate: technological marketing platforms (aka martech).

This does not mean that publishers do not buy more software. Quite the opposite is true. But every component of the publisher's advertising stack, from listing to billing, is dominated by undisputed market leaders – Salesforce, Google, Domo, Oracle – to name a few, as is often the case in mature markets. If you want to work in a field open to new players, the ecosystem of the sale may disappoint because it is blocked.

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About the author

Rob Rasko is an opinion leader in the digital marketing industry. Its global digital solutions business, The 614 Group, enables results-driven marketing efforts in the areas of monetization and revenue strategy, brand security, technology and systems integration digital.

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