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Where to find a virtual assistant for your small business

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It may not be surprising to hear that many small business owners, especially new, growing businesses, may feel overwhelmed by their workload, but do not feel comfortable with it. do not have the budget to hire internal support.

Fortunately, if it is you, there is a solution that can potentially save you time and money. He hires a virtual assistant.

Virtual Assistants (AVs), when used effectively, can streamline and reduce the costs of your business. Some experts estimate that operating costs can reach 78% per year, compared to a full-time employee.

Outsourcing work at a VA or freelancer means that you do not need to provide a workspace or pay for many of the usual benefits of employees, such as leave rights.

Other key benefits of having an AV may include:

  • Increased Productivity – It can allow you to delegate tedious or time-consuming tasks to someone else, so that you can devote your time and energy to Other areas of your business.
  • Creating Flexibility – Volunteer Advisors can help you through peak periods of the year or fill temporary gaps, giving you more options to manage workloads.
  • Increase Your Talent Pool – Although many business owners are experts, it is often by necessity and not by choice. It is possible to hire volunteer advisers with particular expertise to handle specialized tasks such as bookkeeping, marketing or graphic design.

Before you start though, it may be worthwhile to better understand the process involved in finding an AV, or appropriate VA, for your business.

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Types of virtual assistants

There are many types of AV and freelance options available to small business owners.

Some resumes are available on a project or part time basis, and others may work full time for you.

You can hire volunteer advisers to support specific areas or tasks for your business, or you can choose a general assistant, who can help you perform more general tasks.

The ultimate guide to the use of extraterritorial AVs brings together AVs into several different types. Some of them include:

  • General Virtual Assistant – This type of VA may be able to perform tasks that we often associate with a personal assistant, such as e-mail and journal management. Other common tasks may include data entry, online research, bookkeeping, social media management and email marketing.
  • Search the Web and Online – Small businesses often do not have the budget for a full-time computer resource or Web. Hiring a VA with specialized web skills could be a more affordable alternative. Tasks that you can delegate include designing and updating web sites, developing a landing page and setting up and managing an information letter. . VAs can also be selected to help you optimize your site so that it is more easily accessible via search engines, such as Google.
  • Content Production – More and more small businesses are turning to content as an effective marketing tool. Video and audio content is among the most popular, but can create a challenge for small business owners. Specialized technical advisors can be selected for audio and video editing, creating animations and transcripts. There are also editorial and editing experts, as well as graphic designers, who can design marketing materials.
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At this point, it may be helpful to draw up a list of the tasks you wish to delegate, so that you can clearly communicate this to potential candidates.

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Where to find the AV

  • Upwork – Millions of jobs in VA and freelance are published each year on this leading platform. It's a relatively simple process to publish your work and get personalized offers. You can also check the Upwork database and invite potential candidates to apply for your job.
  • – Another great freelance and crowdsourcing market where you can advertise your work and find AVs from more than 247 countries, regions and territories.
  • Guru – This virtual platform can connect you to VA candidates in the same way as the sites mentioned above. It has more than 3 million members worldwide.
  • Other VA Agencies – There are also many other agencies that can handle the process of finding and renting a VA for you. You may want to research each agency before using them, to make sure that they are the right option for you.

Talking to experts

If you're still not sure about hiring a virtual appliance, it may be wise to contact your existing network.

You may find it useful to talk to other companies, accountants or super small business experts, who may have already had experiences with outsourcing and who understand the challenges you face. are confronted.

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