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Whole body tracking research on Facebook provides insights into broader AR / VR ambitions

It's no secret that Facebook is big on AR and VR, both for entertainment and communication. And new research suggests that he's working on AR applications that could not just change or replace your face, but your entire body.

A blog post is doing today a bit of work from the team of AI cameras, which clearly aims to perform a replacement or follow-up of the whole body in a VR context or AR.

"We have recently developed a new technology that can accurately detect body poses and segment a person in the background, and our model is still in the research phase for now, but it is only a few megabytes and can run in real time on smart phones, "the researchers write.

Of course, this type of research is far from unprecedented; Skeleton tracking systems are common in many industries. And indeed this blog post is more about how this particular system and its component neural networks work than to claim major breakthroughs.

That said, Facebook is clearly looking to keep things efficient and easy to deploy on mobile. This means working in many strict limits with regard to sensor data, image resolution and refresh rate, available processing power, and so on. The R-CNN mask, as the technique calls it, is a step in the right direction.

We can surely expect such a result from Facebook in the future – the company is even looking for a research intern dedicated to this line of research.

Image of the hotel: Facebook