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Why buy when you can borrow?

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The college is usually a financially restrictive period for students. Maybe parents or loans have covered tuition and food, but beyond that, the money is tight. By entering the campus bookstore and realizing that the books that they will need to buy are hundreds, if not thousands of dollars can be totally disheartening. Suddenly, borrowing from the library looks like a very good plan.

After a few months of borrowing books, it becomes clear that borrowing may be the best option for them, since they will probably never read the book again! Borrowing is suddenly the best thing in the world.

The library & # 39; all & # 39;

But imagine a "library" with more than just books to borrow? Instead of being forced to buy something to try, or to buy something for a single use, you could just borrow it instead? The cost savings would be enormous and the benefits of the "library" system would extend to everything.

This is exactly the vision of the Rexpax team. Rather than buy the next item you want to try, Rexpax allows you to borrow it, try it and decide it, or to use it for single use need. The savings and the power of sharing can become alive.

Who gives things?

The problem of course is not the borrower. As a borrower, you know that your intentions are good and you will return the article. But for the person who actually possesses the object you are borrowing, you need a really strong trust – something that has been largely lost in our digital economy.

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However, Rexpax has created a system using Blockchain technology that allows users to share their things and to borrowers to find other people willing to share, with confidence. The platform uses a proprietary cryptocurrency called Rexx, which can be obtained by sharing and adding comments and recommendations to the platform. This protects the users of the system against the loss of their elements.

This trust system is built as a true peer-to-peer "library", where users lend their objects into the system, then receive them again, and even monetize them as they do so. are not used.

Your online house

In addition, Rexpax incorporated a function called & # 39; home online & # 39; where users can create & # 39; shelves & # 39; and then post their items to borrow or sell, or just to "show" what they have to other users. This provides a means of dialogue and also means for users to search for products that they must borrow.

The millennial generation is no longer constrained by the thinking processes of the previous generation. The desire to borrow rather than possess, and the ability to create trust through technology, rather than through long-term relationships, make the value real and shareable. And because the platform is built on Blockchain technology, it is functional and protected.

The system is designed to unite people around things and around trusted methods. It's pretty simple – just like the library, why own something, when you can just borrow it?