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Why Coherent Marketing Can Make Big Money for Small Industries

"Dianna, you will never reach your goal if you do not constantly watch your diet!" My trainer reprimanded me after my weighing and my measurements. "You can not overexpose a bad diet!"

At that time, I understood exactly what she was saying – because "consistent" is the term used by my company to describe how our small industrial manufacturing customers must approach their marketing .

By "consistent," I mean doing something on a regular basis that brings you closer to your sales / inquiries / business growth goals. The beauty of consistency, applied to any effort, is that small actions can lead to tremendous improvements and better results over time.

Coherent marketing is apparent in the regular development and monitoring of your food consumption. If you do not constantly monitor what you eat and / or stick to a workout schedule, nothing will change. But if you do – wow, watch out! (One of our clients, for example, has applied consistent marketing to achieve a three-digit increase in the number of claims over the past nine months, as well as a corresponding increase in sales.)

In this piece, I discuss three marketing tactics that, if applied regularly by small manufacturers, can lead to great results over time.

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